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Shawn Cardwell

Core Team

Jesus saved Shawn’s life the ‘80s. He loves his wife Laura, and the journey of following God with her. Shawn watches plenty of documentaries, enjoys a good root beer, and has unrealized aspirations of being a famous bass player. In previous versions of his life, Shawn was a car washer, youth pastor, pub cook, furniture deliverer, math professor, and lego junkie. Shawn may or may not be a robot.

Letter about Shawn & Laura's sending to Portland: 10/3/19


Dear Navah Family,


Since our beginning in 2005 the Father has asked us to give our best at what may seem the hardest times. This current transition is no different. Over the last 18 months, the Navah Core team has been in a prayerful process with our 24-7 Prayer USA Oversight Team as to the sending of Shawn and Laura Cardwell.


It is with great joy, and much sadness, that we are sending them back to their hometown of Portland, Oregon. We believe that the Father is wanting us to send them as an extension of the Navah and 24-7 Prayer family to explore establishing a work in Portland and the Pacific Northwest where God is igniting new life. After much input and scouting trips over the last year, we have discerned that the end of May 2019 would be the best time for them to make this transition.


Shawn and Laura have been incredible leaders here at Navah for the last 7 years. Shawn is an intricate part of the Core Team. We will miss his wisdom, humor, perspective, shepherd’s heart, and creativity. He faithfully served as the Executive Pastor overseeing the staff, finances, and many day-to-day operations. Laura’s beautiful and sincere heart, wisdom, and grace will be deeply missed as a teacher, intercessor, and leader. As a couple, they have faithfully led, multiplied, and coached Missional Communities and Connect Communities. They have modeled life-on-life discipleship from their home and have anchored many in the Father's love and way. It is impossible to express their impact on Navah’s legacy and we will forever be marked by them. In light of the quality of their lives here in KC, we believe God is sending them to be a significant catalyst for His purposes in Portland.


We will be taking time over the next few months to celebrate them and send them with all our love. There will be parties, prayer, and storytelling before their sending and commissioning from all of us and our oversight team on Sunday, May 19th.


Pray for Shawn and Laura. Encourage them as they go.

If you have any questions, please ask.

With love and blessings,

The Navah Core Team

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