The Story of Jesus

A fourteen part series weaving together the four Gospel accounts into one narrative. This series calls us out of familiar into total fascination with Jesus, and beckons us to follow Him with our whole heart. Jesus is the good news of great joy for all people.

Adam Cox | April 20 2014

Part 14

The Story of Jesus, Part 14: The Resurrected Lord

Adam Cox | April 6 2014

Part 13

The Story of Jesus, Part 13: The Lamb of God

Adam Cox | March 16 2014

Part 12

The Story of Jesus, Part 12: Passion Week

Shawn Cardwell | February 16 2014

Part 11

The Story of Jesus, Part 11: Jesus Restores Creation

Adam Cox | February 2 2014

Part 10

The Story of Jesus, Part 10: Jesus' Humility

Graham Catto | January 19 2014

Part 9

The Story of Jesus, Part 9: Jesus Delivers Us

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19 May

Sending of Shawn & Laura Cardwell

It is with great joy, and much sadness, that we are sending them back to their hometown of Portland, Oregon. We believe that the Father is wanting us to send them as an extension of the Navah and 24-7 Prayer family to explore establishing a work in Portland and the Pacific Northwest

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