The Story of Acts

A twenty one part series exploring what Jesus continued to do in and through His family the church by the power of the Holy Spirit. Acts is the unfolding of the great commission through the expansion of the gospel and the establishment of the church.

Adam Cox | June 7 2015

Part 21

The Story of Acts: A Summary of Acts (Acts 21-28)

Adam Cox | May 24 2015

Part 20

The Story of Acts: Paul's Last Message to the Ephesians (Acts 20)

Adam Cox | May 10 2015

Part 19

The Story of Acts: Ephesus - Faith for a City (Acts 19)

Dayne Lukes | April 26 2015

Part 18

The Story of Acts: Persevering Presence (Acts 18:1-22)

Adam Cox | April 12 2015

Part 17

The Story of Acts: Turning the World Upside Down (Acts 17)

Adam Cox | March 15 2015

Part 16

The Story of Acts: The Beginning of the Second Missionary Journey (Acts 15:35-16:40)

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