Preparing A People

"Preparing a People" is a 16-week series, unfolding eight important keys that will enable us to walk into the promises He has spoken.

| August 7 2016

Host, Home and Hospitality

Hospitality to the stranger is a powerful testimony of the gospel and a way of life for us as disciples of Jesus. We make space in our lives for quiet solitude with the Father, building family with a community of disciples, and welcoming the stranger, through host, home, and hospitality.

Juli Cox | July 31 2016

Hearts Of Hospitality

Jesus shows us the way in hospitality by opening his heart and arms wide for all. Will we respond to His call to courageously step out of our fears and cultural bounds to show His love and kindness to those around us. Making space in our hearts, homes, neighborhoods.

Adam Cox | July 24 2016

Am I Devoted To Disciple Making

Jesus taught us that the key to transforming the whole world was the simple but costly devotion to disciple-making. Will we take up this call to be and make disciples learning to love, listen and obey Jesus in all of life?

Adam Cox | July 17 2016

Devoted To Disciple Making

Shawn Cardwell takes us on a journey of what being "Devoted To Disciple Making " looks like in his personal life, and how it's worth it to follow Jesus in our own lives.

Jon Petersen | July 10 2016

Aligned Apostolically Part Two

The leader of our oversight team Jon Petersen opens up part two of being "Aligned Apostolically". He focuses on Jesus our great Apostle and the Church as a sent people to a culture.

Adam Cox | June 26 2016

Aligned Apostolically

In this message, we explore the call to be "Aligned Apostolically." We want to be a people that live with the same passion and purpose that Jesus did, to give His Father a family.

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