Preparing A People

"Preparing a People" is a 16-week series, unfolding eight important keys that will enable us to walk into the promises He has spoken.

Adam Cox | October 2 2016

Generously Giving

Adam teaches the final message of the "Preparing a People" series. We will look at the central teaching of Jesus inviting us to find our lives when we generously give them away. What is the meaning and motivation behind generously giving our lives and what prevents us from doing so?

David Blackwell | September 25 2016

Love Generated Generosity.

For God so loved.....that He Gave. In order to be freed up to give more, we don't firstly need more money, we need more revelation on the goodness and generosity of Father. Generosity starts with Him not us.

Katie Egli | September 18 2016

Pt. Two "Surrendered to the Spirit"

What does it mean to become a zero resistance home for the Holy Spirit?Listen in as we dive deeper into receiving the good gift the Father has given!

Graham Catto | September 11 2016

Surrendered To The Spirit

God has sent His Holy Spirit to be with us in all things, working through us to accomplish God's purposes way beyond our abilities.

Adam Cox | September 4 2016

Membership: Organized To Operate

This is a teaching about the relational and biblical way that Jesus' global body is expressed and organized in the local church fellowship through membership. We are invited to consider the difference between how membership is expressed in American culture versus the church.

Graham Catto | August 28 2016

Organized To Operate

Like any organism, the body of Christ has to have some structure in order to operate effectively. The local church has both biblical and practical structures to facilitate the task it is called to do.

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