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Fourteen messages from our history unfolding the heart, purpose and practicals of prayer and worship. From the beginning we were created to be with God in unbroken, joyful, intimate relationship. Everything changes in prayer when you know who you are coming to and who you are when you come.

Prayer: Dad, Son, Spirit


The History of God's Dwelling (Part 1)


The History of God's Dwelling (Part 2)

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Worship Through Doing the Word


Encountering God


God's Presence

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19 May

Sending of Shawn & Laura Cardwell

It is with great joy, and much sadness, that we are sending them back to their hometown of Portland, Oregon. We believe that the Father is wanting us to send them as an extension of the Navah and 24-7 Prayer family to explore establishing a work in Portland and the Pacific Northwest

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