Miscellaneous Teachings

This is where you can find various one-off teachings that have shaped us over the years. They aren't part of a series, but instead are maybe a significant moment, a vision talk or an exciting guest speaker.

Shawn and Laura Cardwell | March 17 2019

Cardwell's Sharing

Shawn and Laura Cardwell share the timeline and the treasure of what God has given them in Kansas City as they prepare to be sent to Portland.

Shawn and Laura Cardwell | March 10 2019

Cardwell's Announcement

Shawn and Laura Cardwell share their hearts for the Navah family and the plan to be sent to Portland at the end of May.

Juli Cox | November 18 2018

Our Posture in Change

Amidst a time of transition, this is a brief exhortation to be first committed to prayer, to live a life surrendered and open, and to do all of this together as family. We trust the Father and one another as we move forward as one body.

Adam Cox | November 11 2018

The Transition from Plexpod

This is a family meeting led by the Core Team of Navah telling the story and details of our coming transition from Plexpod Westport Commons.

Jonathan David Helser | June 24 2018

The Father's Song

God has been singing over us since the beginning. We are learning to receive His song and give back the love that He first gave.

Jeremy Bryan | October 16 2016

The Hidden Curriculum Of The Kingdom

Psalm 78 asks us to pass on the story of God's passionate faithfulness to the next generation how might we heed that call together--at home, in missional communities, on Sunday's, and beyond--and BECOME the curriculum from which our youth learn and are adopted into the God story.

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Life Transformation School (LTS)

LTS stands for "Life Transformation School." It is a two-week intensive environment where Jesus can transform our hearts and relationships.

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