Love KC

"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us" (1 John 3:16). This series is a call for the church to live as a sent people filled with the Holy Spirit to love a city to life, freely giving what we have freely received.

Adam Cox | September 23 2018

A Vision of the Church Scattered

Could it be that the 21st century church can live the same beautiful and sacrificial expression of church described in Acts 2:42-47? This is an honest and hopeful invitation for every believer to participate in prayerful, family on mission.

David Blackwell | September 16 2018

Compassionately Sharing Jesus

Jesus proclaimed and demonstrated the Kingdom as He was moved with compassion. We get to partner with His heart of compassion to see suffering alleviated in people all around us.

Adam Cox | August 26 2018

Generously Sharing Jesus

As followers of Jesus we want to learn to have "Gospel Conversations" that are full of grace and seasoned with the salt of Kingdom perspective, pertaining to any topic in life.

Gary Kendall | August 19 2018

It All Starts With Love

Love God and love your neighbor. What if Jesus really meant love your actual neighbor? The one who lives next door?

Adam Cox | August 12 2018

Clearly Sharing Jesus

As followers of Jesus we want to be confident, competent and clear in sharing about the One we love the most! This teaching equips us to clearly share the gospel, the gift we have in the gospel and how we can receive it.

Adam Cox | July 29 2018

Freely Sharing Jesus

What hinders us from freely sharing about the One we love the most? We are invited to put language to our love for Jesus as we live free from fear.

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