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"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us" (1 John 3:16). This series is a call for the church to live as a sent people filled with the Holy Spirit to love a city to life, freely giving what we have freely received.

Keeyoung Kim | November 4 2018

Absolute Surrender to the Supremacy of Jesus

All creation declares the supremacy of Jesus, for it was created in Him, through Him, and for Him. As a part of creation, our worshipful response is absolute surrender to Jesus who desires to do a work in us, through us, and for our good. This is all for His glory.

Katie Egli | October 28 2018

Created for Sacred Works

Through the work of the Cross, Jesus tore the veil between the sacred and secular. This empowers us to serve in our workplaces, submit to authority, and surrender our lives in radical obedience that causes others to glorify God.

Jon Petersen | October 21 2018

Benefactors and Patrons

Jesus' mandate for the Church is to co-create with the Holy Spirit in bringing the realization of the Kingdom of God into every facet of life. Our call is to seek the welfare of the city by partnering with the Father's heart in doing good works for our co-workers and neighbors.

Adam Cox | October 14 2018

Faith Fund and Giving Our Lives for the Gospel

This is an explanation of the "Faith Fund" to spread the gospel of the Kingdom. The call of the gospel is to be generous with our money because we have already given Jesus our lives.

Graham Catto | October 7 2018

Faith to Change a City

We remind ourselves of the importance of working faith as the only thing that counts; faith working itself out through love. This kind of faith grows as we hear God and do as He says. We then see His answers and our confidence in Him and what He says grows. God can change our city through u

Juli Cox | September 30 2018

The Gathered Church

A gathering is a fractal of multiplication. It is a family reunion that synchronizes our rhythm, pumps life into the body, and clarifies our common identity.

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