Following Jesus Together

Telling Jesus stories, exploring the Word, and hearing the call of Jesus to come and follow Him together.

Roger Nix | December 12 2021

Love Is The Greatest of These

Message from Roger Nix

Adam Cox | December 12 2021

Navah Eldership Commissioning

Navah Eldership Commissioning - 2021

Adam Cox | September 12 2021

Jesus Build Your Church

Learning to love the church Jesus loves and renew hope through the hurt we've experienced.

Drew and Mary | July 8 2021

From Optimism to Hope

An honest and inspirational teaching on the difference between optimism and biblical hope and the purpose of pain set in the current context of stories of Jesus moving in the Middle East.

Adam Cox | June 13 2021

A Life and Death for the Glory of God

A life and death for the glory of God looks like Jesus! The man who completely redefined glory. It is a life of love and surrendered obedience awaiting anyone who would accept the invitation. We say together, "Father, glorify Your name."

David Blackwell | May 2 2021

Who Do You Say That I am?

Oftentimes, our most profound discoveries of Jesus happen when we are simply "on the way". Jesus picks unusual moments to help answer that eternal and oh so important question - "Who Do You Say I Am?"

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