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Adam Cox and David Blackwell gave two messages sharing the story and practical implications of Navah's transition, and inviting the family to fully surrender to follow Jesus together into the next season.

Adam Chiarelli | May 5 2019

Growing in Affection for the Church

Jesus is the Head of the Church, His body. The Church is the Father's dream and plan to reveal Himself to the world. As participants, we must ask if we love this body as Jesus does. Do we see what He sees, love what He loves, and serve what He serves? Have we received the Lord's heart for His bride?

Various | March 31 2019

Spring Retreat Prophetic Moments

Prophetic moments from the Sunday morning of our Spring Retreat.

Adam Cox | March 31 2019

Spring Retreat Sunday Morning: Family, Fire, Form

A message of prophetic stories, current happenings and a call to revel in revival as grounded family, filled with the Holy Spirit's fire and devoted to discipleship formation.

Adam Chiarelli | March 30 2019

Spring Retreat Saturday Morning: Living Sacrifice

Pursuing worship in all of life begins with presenting ourselves to God, the all consuming fire. He refines us in His Presence as we continually surrender ourselves to Him - where nothing is off limits. We offer the best and worst of us, trusting He will glorify Himself in and through us.

Adam Cox | March 29 2019

Spring Retreat Friday Evening: Liminal Space

A message inviting us to inhabit the "in between" space where we learn to let go and discover our longing for God alone.

Adam Cox | March 24 2019

Navah Transition Update

A message celebrating our last two years and sharing exciting next steps for the Navah family.

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19 May

Sending of Shawn & Laura Cardwell

It is with great joy, and much sadness, that we are sending them back to their hometown of Portland, Oregon. We believe that the Father is wanting us to send them as an extension of the Navah and 24-7 Prayer family to explore establishing a work in Portland and the Pacific Northwest

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