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The story and practical implications of Navah's transition as the Father invites the family to fully surrender to Jesus the Good Shepherd as we follow Him into the next season.

Juli Cox | November 3 2019


Jesus teaches us how to give. He is the foundation, motivation and incarnation of giving. This talk is an exploration about what the Bible teaches about giving and a look at Navah's giving values.

David Blackwell | October 6 2019

The Strength of Weakness

It's quite possible we've long misunderstood weakness and limitation. Rather than run away from them, Jesus says to us, "when you are weak, then you are strong." Learning the true strength of a life lived in dependency is one of our greatest invitations.

Adam Cox | September 15 2019

Royal Priests

In Christ, we are royal priests set apart for God and His kingdom purposes. This is a message calling us to awaken to our identity and be prepared to walk in it in our daily lives.

Adam Cox | September 1 2019

Have It All

The heart wrenching story of the rich young ruler invites us to ask the vulnerable question, "is there anything that has my heart more than Jesus?"

Adam Cox | August 18 2019

Spirit Murmurations

This is a message about mundane moments surrendered to a miraculous God, art that's prophesying, wild prayer happenings and a sovereign God story we have been caught up in together. There is an invitation to be awake and be a part of this kairos moment in KC.

Katie Egli | August 4 2019

Where is Your Wilderness?

Through 40 days of prayer and fasting, the Navah family is being led into the wilderness to find freedom from the distractions of our age. We will practice getting quiet, getting alone, and getting hungry in order to cultivate sensitivity to the Spirit.

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