A fourteen week series equipping us to follow the way of Jesus together. We establish the core identity we have been given in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as the core commands of Jesus that are our family practices as the church.

Katie Egli | February 24 2019

Devoted to Prayer

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to be devoted to "all kinds of prayer." When we follow the Holy Spirit's leadership in our homes and communities, He gives us creative outlets to minister to His heart and to the hearts of one another.

David Blackwell | February 17 2019

Devoted to the Scriptures

One of the greatest gifts God has given to mankind is the Bible. Reading it will bring life to you; obeying it will change your life.

Graham Catto | February 10 2019

Repent, Believe and Be Baptized

Being a disciple begins with repentance, belief, and baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit. We turn away from living for ourselves, put our trust in Jesus, are immersed in water symbolizing death to self and standing up to new life in Christ, and are filled with His Spirit.

Adam Cox | January 27 2019

Ambassadors and Servants

Jesus was surrendered to the Spirit, putting God on display as an Ambassador. He was a King bringing His kingdom through sacrificial love as a Servant. To be baptized in Jesus and the Spirit is to live out our identity as ambassadors and servants, especially of those the world considers the least.

Adam Cox | January 20 2019

Family of Beloved Sons and Daughters

Being baptized in the Father means we are a family of beloved sons and daughters learning to receive delight and respond to discipline in every season.

David Blackwell | January 6 2019

A Vision for Discipleship

What does it say about Jesus' strategy to change the world if he spent more time with 12 men than he did with the rest of the world combined? How does His method and way of living influence our methods and way of living?

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