Chronological Series

A chronological collection of our messages from 2007 until the present.

Laura Cardwell | August 7 2016

Host, Home and Hospitality

Juli Cox | July 31 2016

Hearts of Hospitality

Adam Cox | July 24 2016

Am I Devoted To Disciple Making

Shawn Cardwell | July 20 2016

Devoted To Disciple Making

Jon Petersen | July 10 2016

Aligned Apostolically Part Two

Adam Cox | June 26 2016

Aligned Apostolically

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19 May

Sending of Shawn & Laura Cardwell

It is with great joy, and much sadness, that we are sending them back to their hometown of Portland, Oregon. We believe that the Father is wanting us to send them as an extension of the Navah and 24-7 Prayer family to explore establishing a work in Portland and the Pacific Northwest

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