Advent 2018

In anticipation and celebration of Jesus' birth, we are spending each week exploring one of the four traditional words for the Advent season: hope, peace, joy, and love.

David Blackwell | December 23 2018

Christ Arrives in the Mess

Discover Jesus who is not put off by a mess. Instead, He advents into one both familial, and practical. Your mess is now the welcome mat for His arrival.

Adam Chiarelli | December 16 2018

Brokers of Joy

Good tidings of great joy for all people is found in Jesus! As Mary had the privilege of hosting the Son of God in her womb, we've been given the joy of hosting the Spirit of God, both as individuals and as a people. As our awareness of His nearness grows, our opportunity to submit to Him increase

Katie Egli | December 9 2018

Ambassadors of Peace

Just as Zechariah entered into a season of silence and solitude, we too have been invited to quiet our lives and make space to meditate on truth. As His peace grows in our lives, we become ambassadors for reconciliation to those nearest to us.

Graham Catto | December 2 2018

Hope - Light in the Darkness!

The world was in darkness & despair. But through Jesus, light has broken through to bring hope! Hopelessness has been shattered forever - the world will never be the same. People may feel hopeless, but the reality is that eternal hope is now available. As Christians we carry that hope to the world.

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