"Pray: Rekindling First Love" is a practical and inspirational series, opening up ten different aspects of prayer, in order for our hearts to open to the heart of God.

| November 26 2017

Pray: Justice

God designed us for right relationship. Justice confronts anything that prevents the space between us being filled with shalom. This teaching explores how we can humbly go with Jesus to bring justice, by living an examined life and embodying a living prayer of justice.

David Blackwell | November 19 2017

Pray: Multiply

Entering into the prayerful life of thankfulness to see multiplication happen in around you.

Jeremy Bryan | November 12 2017

Pray: Creativity

Creativity is our inheritance as children of the Trinity, and prayer is meant to be creative as well, releasing us into good works of inspiration and innovation.

Katie Egli | November 5 2017

Pray: Spirit

The Spirit of God helps us in our weakness. When we don't have words to pray the Spirit prays through us to deliver hope in every circumstance. God has given us the key to not only ask for what's on our heart, but to be sure we are praying His will for His people.

David Blackwell | October 29 2017

Pray: Story

Hear the supernatural God story of how 24-7 Prayer came to be in the Navah community.

Jeremy Bryan | October 15 2017

Pray: Rest

"Pray: Rest" reveals how we can order our lives to flourish as a prayerful family on mission. It all begins with Sabbath at the center.

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