The Kingdom of God

What does it look like for God's will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven through Jesus and his Church.

David Blackwell | October 9 2022

Following Jesus with all of your life, for all of your life

David shares 5 keys to following Jesus that he has learned in the last 17 years of pastoring at Navah.

Juli Cox | September 11 2022

The Kingdom of God is not Anxious

Centering Jesus as King in our lives and finding peace in His non-anxious presence as we navigate the chaos and crisis of our world.

Katie Egli | August 14 2022

The Kingdom of God is Beautiful

The Gospel of Beauty is a biblical narrative of broken, abandoned, and neglected people and places being healed, made fruitful, and complete in the redemption of Christ. As the Kingdom expands so does the beauty and majesty of Jesus.

Tim & Laurie | July 10 2022

Obedience is the way of the Kingdom

Tim and Laurie share a message on obedience is the way of the Kingdom.

David Blackwell | June 12 2022

The Kingdom Through You

Testimonies and teaching on how the Kingdom of God moves in us and through us to reveal the love of Jesus everywhere we go.

Adam Cox | May 1 2022

Enter the Kingdom Like a Child

Jesus taught us that the way to enter the kingdom is to 'change and become like little children'. Will we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us to rediscover trust, curious wonder and play again?

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