The Kingdom of God

What does it look like for God's will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven through Jesus and his Church.

David Blackwell | June 12 2022

The Kingdom Through You

Testimonies and teaching on how the Kingdom of God moves in us and through us to reveal the love of Jesus everywhere we go.

David Blackwell | May 1 2022

Enter the Kingdom Like a Child

Jesus taught us that the way to enter the kingdom is to 'change and become like little children'. Will we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us to rediscover trust, curious wonder and play again?

David Blackwell | March 13 2022

The Kingdom of God is Love

Jesus commanded us to love each other the way He loves us. By this they will know we're His disciples; members of His family & Kingdom. Jesus reveals what love is, by example, we know how to love. Through Him, we know what love is. Through His life & teaching scriptures, we discover where love grows

Adam Cox | February 20 2022

The Kingdom and Patient Endurance

A pastoral encouragement and call to the church amidst real pressure to patiently endure with Jesus' perspective, presence and people as an embodied witness of God's Kingdom.

Adam Cox | January 9 2022

The Kingdom and the War for our Hearts

A teaching laying the foundation for the good news of the Kingdom of God from the Garden of Eden and a battle for the garden of our hearts.

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