The Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

David Blackwell | February 18 2018

Incarnation Devotional

When we see Jesus, we see ourselves. When we see Jesus perform miracles, we see a man just like us filled with Holy Spirit. The list of ways we are already like Jesus is much longer than you think.

David Blackwell | February 11 2018

Get up!

In John 5, Jesus meets a man at a pool and shows us a new way. Our ways are not always His way. We are encouraged afresh to hear Jesus' loving word, "Get up".

David Blackwell | February 4 2018

Jesus in the Garden

Jesus experienced the same types of emotions you and I do under great pressure. When he did, he leaned into his friends and said the most powerful NO the world will ever hear.

Pamela Gilbertson | January 28 2018

The Wrestle of Being Human

Do we isolate parts of our daily lives from Christ because we do not believe He understands? Full belief that Jesus took on flesh brings freedom to our wrestle between flesh and Spirit and invites us to experience a new way of being human as He makes His life in us.

Joe Steinke | January 14 2018

Implications of the Incarnation

Jesus, from inside our darkness, leads us out of temptation and delivers us from evil.

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David Blackwell | January 7 2018

Just How Human Was He?

How and why do we engage the humanity of Jesus? What will happen if we believe that Jesus came to the Earth not just so we can see what God is like, but to show us what it looks like to be human?

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