All of Life

Jesus invites us to follow him in "All of Life" not just the parts we have deemed spiritual. Listen to this 10 part series rooted in the Sermon on the Mount as we explore what it means to welcome Jesus as the King in all of life.

David Blackwell | January 29 2017

A Messy Life Of Love And Faith

A life full of faith all the way through. John 16:33 "In this world you will have troubles, take heart for I have overcome the world."

Graham Catto | January 22 2017

What We Say Matters

There is life and death in the power of the tongue! What we say matters to God, others and ourselves. This is not just in conversation, but also in what comes out of our hearts to land in a text, on Facebook and Twitter. We steer our lives and influence through what we say. Jesus models this for us.

Jeremy Bryan | January 8 2017

Lit By Longing: A Biblical Vision for Health and Wholeness.

At the beginning of anything new, we are tempted to take things--our health, goals and dreams--into our own hands. What if God has a plan that allows us to restfully adventure with him into wholeness instead of striving? Jeremy Bryan with special guest Caitlin Ewing.

Katie Egli | December 11 2016

Engaging A Playful God

"Engaging a Playful God", delving into God's design for rest and exploring recreation as an act of worship.

David Blackwell | November 27 2016

Celebrating Singleness

Turning the tables on loneliness. Becoming a family that understands, sees, and encourages singles and marrieds alike to receive their "gift".

Graham Catto | November 20 2016

Significance of Marriage

Graham explores imparting the value and significance of marriage to the next generation.

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