Against All Hope

In Jesus we have been given both a living and eternal hope. Life's disappointments can challenge and even steal our hope. We are encouraged by Abraham and Sarah's story that "against all hope, Abraham in hope believed God." This 8-part series explores those tensions and how we can navigate them.

Adam Cox | March 18 2018

Seeing With Hope

What happens in our hearts affects how we see. Disappointment can lead to hopelessness that blinds us from seeing the hope of our calling. This message from the Road to Emmaus in Luke 24 invites the light of hope to fill the eyes of our heart until we are able to see Jesus again in our journey.

Joseph Steinke | March 11 2018

Becoming Lifelong Learners: The Utopian Flaw

Joe Steinke offers an encouraging exhortation that features insights on how to curate a healthy learning culture in our marriages, families, households, spiritual communities and organizations. Prezi link: http://prezi.com/0qscq1unb1me/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

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Laura Cardwell | March 4 2018

Take My Hand: Hope In Loss

Hope comes from trust in God. Sometimes we think understanding will bring hope. When we experience loss and pain, God does not condemn us but invites us to take His hand and trust in his goodness.

Adam Cox | February 25 2018

Open Heart to Hope

A raw, honest invitation to open our hearts to the Father of hope in the midst of life's deepest disappointments.

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