Reframing the Prophetic

We need the prophetic now more than ever. But we need it to be healthy, mature and anchored. The Scripture artfully paints a picture that reveals the fullness of this ancient calling, and we long for everyone to see it. This course is our response to the bewilderment and disorientation concerning the prophetic gift today. If you embark on this journey with us, we will aim to help you observe the biblical narrative while cultivating a fresh imagination for the power and purpose of the prophetic. We feel the Holy Spirit is inviting us into a prophetic reformation, and this is your invitation to join us.

How it works

This is not your typical bible study. There are 12 modules that include teachings from 25 different pastors, leaders, missionaries and theologians from around the world. Within each module you will be responsible to complete about 4 to 5 hours of homework, then gather with a small cohort to examine and discuss together. Each cohort is led by a Certified Facilitator that will create a safe place for reflection and processing, while anchoring the conversation in biblical truth. Our hope is that this course will help you knit together a rich understanding of the prophetic in today’s global context.

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