Prayer Rhythms

Our Culture of Prayer

Jesus lived an extraordinary life of prayer. 

His life included everything from 40-day stints (including fasting) to all-nighters, early mornings, intense intercession and simple meal-time blessings. Jesus’ relationship with the Father in prayer was beautiful and reproducible. The secret to Jesus’ prayer life was simple yet very powerful. He prayed with confidence as a Son, deeply rooted in His Father’s pleasure, through the power of the Holy Spirit. In the same way that the Spirit filled and empowered Jesus to fulfill His priestly call, we are a Kingdom family of sons and daughters filled with the Spirit to pray.

Like Jesus, prayer is at the very center of our life as individuals, households and missional communities following Jesus.  At all times, in all places, we seek to live our lives in God’s presence.

Here is a poetic prayer that captures the heart of how and why we pray, written by one of our Navah leaders.

God the eternal Family, God alive, God inside, God the Father, Son and Spirit. Jesus all in all, sent to an orphaned world to reveal the Father. Daughters not orphans, sons not slaves, saved by grace, favored not forgotten. Names, faces, shared graces. Male, female, young, old. Wealthy, poor, kids, parents. Diverse in culture, united in Jesus, church as family. Home, praying from rest, living prayer, forgiven and forgiving, covenant not contract, family not company. Grace not striving, healing of every kind, honor not criticism, giving not fearing. Head to the heart, dreaming not hopeless, all things possible, joy not duty, joy in surrender, joy in everything. Tables with good food, weeping with losses, celebrating not competing, better together than alone. Miracles and mundane, more human is more holy, serving the least, quality of life, everyone welcome, giving and receiving, thankful not demanding. Neighborhoods matter, no divide of sacred and secular, social adventuring, matter matters but is not worshipped. Power, not just forms of godliness lacking substance. Spirit of adoption, everyone plays, not just a few all-stars, sending and receiving, nations. Blessed to bless, serving the least, uncomfortable hospitality, adoption not religion. The Cross and Resurrection, Kingdom not empire. Devastated families restored, broken institutions renewed, ruined parts of our city rebuilt.

“There is one body and one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” (Ephesians 4:4-6)

Your Kingdom Come in Kansas City, Your Kingdom Come in all the World, Your Kingdom Come until the whole World is Home and everything is Beautiful!


Prayer Seasons

  • Lent 2023 (February 22nd - April 6th)
  • Navah Prayer Room Open March 19th - 24th at El Torreon

For millions of Christians across the globe, Lent is a time of preparation leading up to Easter. Historically, it has been a time to model Jesus’ 40 day fast that led to victory over temptation and resulted in confirmation of His identity as Beloved Son. As a Navah family our cry is, “Lord, increase our hunger for righteousness.” Scripture promises that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled (Matt 5:6). We are believing for an outpouring of God’s Spirit across Kansas City to fill every hungry heart with more of His love and power. Consider the list below. Invite the Lord to lead you as you pray, “Father, what are you inviting me to fast this Lenten season?”

  • Food: Sweets/Sugar, Caffeine/Alcohol, Fast Food/Eating Out, Meat
  • You may consider participating in a food fast one day a week, or a multiple day food fast sometime during the 40 days.
  • Media: Netflix/Streaming services, Podcasts, News, YouTube
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dating Apps
  • Recreation: Sports (viewing), Sports (playing), Fantasy leagues, Gaming
  • Convenience: Internet surfing, Online purchases, etc.


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