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OUR STORY stems back to the roots of friends in love with Jesus, praying and dreaming together. Five of us (Adam Cox, David and Molly Blackwell and Nathan and Marisa Chud) moved to Kansas City to pursue Jesus individually. We ended up meeting one another and striking up friendships that surprised us all. It is quite simple actually - we really liked each other, which led to a lot of praying and dreaming together about things that Jesus cares about in His world. The next step was the five of us moving into a foreclosed former drug house on the east side of Kansas City in 2003. We had no idea what a crazy, and often comical, adventure awaited us. 

We had no idea what a crazy, and often comical, adventure awaited us.

OUR DREAMING led us, at one point, to England where we bumped into a fellow named Pete Greig. He told us this incredible story about other groups of friends like us praying and conspiring all over the world. That was our crashing introduction to the global 24-7 Prayer movement. Leaving England, we all had the sneaking suspicion that our conversation with Pete was no coincidence, and it turns out we were right. We have had the privilege of being a part of that global family of friends since 2004, watching God work in astounding ways all over the world.

OUR TEAM grew with the inclusion of Juli Cox, Mary Caldwell and Wendy Andrews. With that, the KC Boiler Room (our former name) was officially commissioned in 2005. We felt compelled to open wide our arms and share the good things we had experienced in friendship, prayer and dreaming.

We felt compelled to open wide our arms and share the good things we had experienced in friendship, prayer and dreaming.

With each passing year, our family of friends continues to grow, the depth of prayer deepens and the mission of Jesus expands. We are now a much more diverse and intergenerational family with loads of kids, moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas...and we love it!

OUR NAME CHANGED to Navah Church KC at our 10 year anniversary celebration in 2015.  Navah is a verb meaning "to bring home and make beautiful." 

Navah is a verb meaning “to bring home and make beautiful.”  

It’s a name that reflects our identity, mission and the real transformation Jesus did in us as a family during our first decade. Because of Jesus, we are no longer alone and we no longer base our value on earning or performing. We are welcomed home to the Father and His family as beloved sons and daughters. This is beautiful and has become our dream for the whole world.

We can only wonder what is next in God’s unfolding story. We would be honored if it included you.

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