Navah Home Church Leaders Training

November 13-14, 2020

Adam's teaching notes Friday and Saturday
Adam's Notes (PDF)

Friday Evening

Friday Zoom Call (Video Link)
Friday Zoom Call (Audio Link)
Friday Zoom Call (Adam's Teaching) [Audio Link]

Saturday Morning

Saturday (Adam's Teaching) [Video]

Saturday (Adam's Teaching) [Audio]

Saturday (Whole Day) [Video Link]

Worship Call & Response (Google Doc)

Ken's Keys for Kingdom Experimentation

  1. "What I care about is __________."
  2. "Therefore, what I will practice is __________,"
  3. "... In order to create more __________." 

Prophetic Dreams for the Weekend
"Adam, you cupped your hands and blew on a loaf of bread that someone had. That bread multiplied. And then I made a hole with my hand that I blew through and loaves of bread shot out."

"The second dream was about getting out of Samsara which is the cycle of death in Hinduism and Buddhism. I was giving people the keys to getting out of this cycle and getting new life in Christ. Each person required their own key and then found new life."

26 Jun


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