Navah: Bring Home. Make Beautiful.

We changed our name to Navah Church KC in 2015 to reflect who we are and what we dream of in the world. Here is the heart of what this new name means to our family.

At the core of every human being is a longing to be seen, known, valued, treasured, cherished and received.  We want to belong and be loved, with or without our performance. You could describe this yearning with one word: navah

It’s an ancient word that means “home.” More precisely, it’s a verb that means “to find rest, to bring home and to make beautiful.” Sadly, so many of us have experienced the opposite of this in our families, friendships, schools and even churches. We have lost our ability to dream and hope and thrive because we’ve been broken by failed love. Because of these things, we have lost our identity and feel far from home.

The world needs a movement of home and beauty.

Restoring hearts, rebuilding families, reconciling relationships and renewing society is what a movement of home and beauty looks like. Home can change everything from economics to education, media to medicine. It impacts the rich, poor, young and old in any culture, at any time. 

Home is a person.

He has forgiven us all, taken our shame and welcomed us into the full, unending embrace of Father and His family, by His Spirit. This is where we dream again, hope again and live again. Jesus is our Home. Navah Church KC is all about this Home and a world made beautiful once again, in and through Jesus.

04 Jun


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