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Acts 2:42-47 & 1 Peter 5:5-7// Gather and Be Humble


Scripture focus and introduction for kids: 

For kids focus on Acts 2:42-47 & 1 Peter 5:5-7 ← this is a shorter portion of this scripture than the adults


Ask kids to share about their favorite gatherings; maybe it’s a Navah gathering, a birthday party, or family celebration. Ask them to share what made it show great and how the people their felt. Then explain you’re going to read a passage of scripture today that talks about one of the first times people who knew, loved and followed Jesus gathered together and what it was like. 

Acts 2:42-47 (The Passion Translation)
Every believer was faithfully devoted to following the teachings of the apostles. Their hearts were mutually linked to one another, sharing communion and coming together regularly for prayer. A deep sense of holy awe swept over everyone, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders.  All the believers were in fellowship as one body, and they shared with one another whatever they had.  Out of generosity they even sold their assets to distribute the proceeds to those who were in need among them. Daily they met together in the temple courts and in one another’s homes to celebrate communion. They shared meals together with joyful hearts and tender humility. They were continually filled with praises to God, enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord kept adding to their number daily those who were coming to life.

1 Peter 5:5-7 (The Passion Translation)
5 In the same way, the younger ones should willingly support the leadership of the elders. In every relationship, each of you must wrap around yourself the apron of a humble servant. Because:
God resists you when you are proud but multiplies grace and favor when you are humble.
 If you bow low in God’s awesome presence, he will eventually exalt you as you leave the timing in his hands. Pour out all your worries and stress upon him and leave them there, for he always tenderly cares for you.

Additional Questions for Comprehension & Imagination


What are the four things we hear these believers doing? (devoted to teaching, fellowship, breaking bread, prayer)

What did doing all these things leave them “continually filled with”? (praise to God)

In 1 Peter 5, why does it say we should “pour out our stress and worry” to God? What does this have to do with being humble? (Because he cares for us. When we worry and stress about things, holding it all in, we are trying to be our own “God”, taking care of ourselves and believing its all on us. But when we cast our stress and worry to God, NOT trying to ignore our worry or stress but acknowledging it and talking to God about it, we are being humble in admitting we are not God and we need His help)


If you were to try and be like these early believers with your friends and family, what would that look like? What would your life be like? What are some of the things you would do?


Better Together, Early Church Teamwork Poster:

Get a large white poster board (they have them at Dollar Tree), at the top of it write “Better Together, Early Church Teamwork” and the scripture reference Acts 2: 42-47

Read the scripture passage and ask the kids to listen for how the early church were “better together”/ had teamwork. What did they devote themselves to? How did it bless one another and others? 

Every time they hear something have them draw or write it down on the poster board. 

Once done flip it over and write “Better Together, Navah Church Teamwork” on the top with the scripture reference again. 

Now have the kids brainstorm, draw and write ways that we can live as the early church did. Be specific to what it would look like in their lives, their neighborhood, our city. 

Listening Prayer:

Invite the Kids to P.R.A.Y with you. 

Invite the Kids to P.R.A.Y with you. 

P= PAUSE- take some deep breaths and while kids do that read some scriptures about God’s love for us to center everyone’s heart

R= REJOICE- have everyone stand up and shout a praise to the Lord for who He is and what He has done for them

A= ASK- invite everyone to ask God to fill their hearts and minds with DESIRE TO GATHER with one another regularly, for Him to fill our hearts and minds with HIS LOVE for ONE ANOTHER. 

Y=YIELD- practice HUMILITY by inviting everyone to name something in their life that they feel a lot of worry about or areas that they feel like “they know best” or that they “don’t need help because they have everything under control”. Have everyone name that thing and make tight, clenched fists. Then have everyone say “I give this back to you God. I admit that I do not know what is best, YOU DO. I admit that I need your help in everything I do, YOU GIVE ME LIFE AND EVERY ABILITY I HAVE COMES FROM YOU. I trust you God” And then release their fists shaking out their hands (maybe even do a little shake it off dance!)

Pray for others to “cast their worry on God”:

Use the first coloring sheet to pray for someone they know who is really worried about something. 

Coloring Pages & printable resource


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