Kids DBS 6/9/19

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Additional questions for comprehension & imagination amongst kiddos:

Acts 13:1-5


  • Why were they worshipping and fasting? What were they waiting for?
  • Who were they “sent off” by?
  • Once they got to Cyprus what did they do?
  • Was anyone sent off on their own?


Imagine that you are chosen to be an ambassador (definition: a person sent as the chief representative of his or her government in another country) for your family. You are sent out to tell other families all about how your family live life. What would you share with others in order to help them understand your family?

Activity to do with kids:


After reading the passage, talk about what it means to be chosen by the Holy Spirit to be an ambassador to others. We get to be Kingdom representatives in this world, sharing about our King Jesus and the way of life He has made possible for everyone!

  • Brainstorm with each other and write out a message you can share with others, telling them about King Jesus and the Kingdom He has invited us into.
  • Make it SIMPLE. Think about The Gospel & The Gift and try to keep it short and sweet like that, but also be creative with it. This is your groups proclamation as ambassadors. For little kids consider picking an image (heart, cross, crown, smiley face, ect.) to help them remember the points of your message.
  • Write it big so that everyone can see it.
  • Get in partners and proclaim your message to each other.
  • Have kids design their own Kingdom Ambassador patches that you can pin or tape to their arm or chest.

Coloring Page 1 (Dove)

Coloring Page 2 (Barnabas & Paul Called)

Coloring Page 3 (Barnabas & Paul Sent Off)

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