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Acts 19: 1-7// Be Baptized in water & Holy Spirit

Intro to the Scripture passage for kids:

Say to the children something like this–try not to read from this page but preferably put it in your words:

Paul is in the city of Ephesus. (If possible you could show them where that is on a map) Most people living in Ephesus did not worship God. The people instead worshiped false gods. Paul was returning to Ephesus and while there he met twelve men. As Paul talked with these men he realized they didn’t have a full understanding about who Jesus is and what He had done. As he talked with them he learned that they only knew about what John the Baptist had taught. They knew that John was preparing people for the Savior God was going to send. They had been baptized to show they wanted to turn from their sinful ways and be ready for the Savior to come, but had not yet head or Jesus or received His GOOD NEWS. Paul taught them who Jesus was and what He had done for them. He explained that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, was buried and rose again so that they could be in a relationship with God! He explained that anyone who put their faith in Jesus would be rescued from the brokenness of sin and receive eternal life with God starting that very moment! When these disciples heard Paul clearly teach about Jesus they believed in Him as their Savior, were baptized and received the Holy Spirit. Now let’s read this story together in the Bible. Read Acts 19:1-7 (you can and use the comprehension & imagination questions throughout the reading or at the end)

Additional questions for comprehension & imagination amongst kids:


What is the difference in John's baptism and being baptized in the name of Jesus? (John's baptism only involved repentance or turning away from sin. Being baptized in the name of Jesus also involves turning towards God and living for Him with the power of the Holy Spirit.)

How did these disciples receive the Holy Spirit into themselves? Does it always happen this way? (Paul laid hands on them, prayed for them and they were baptized in the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t always happen this way. Early in Acts we read about the Apostles receiving the Holy Spirit while praying, even though no one laid hands on them.)

Why was it important for these disciples to not only be baptized in water but also receive the Holy Spirit?


How do you think Paul could tell that the disciples in Ephesus had not yet received the Holy Spirit?

What is an analogy you can use to describe who and what the Holy Spirit is and does? (ex. He is like light, revealing our sins and showing us the best way to live. He is like the wind, we may not see Holy Spirit but we can feel Him and see what He’s doing just like we can see the wind blow the trees)

Activities to do with kids:

Life without vs. with Holy Spirit empowerment:

Have kids imagine their favorite superhero.
Have them draw a picture of that superhero before they had any superpower or what they would look like if they didn’t have any.
Then have them draw a picture of that superhero with all their powers, doing something awesome!
Next have them draw a picture of themselves just being themselves.
Then have them draw a picture of themselves filled with the power of the Holy Spirit doing something only Holy Spirit could do through them!
Have them share their pictures
Summarize by talking about the incredible gift Jesus has given us not only in forgiving our sins but also in giving us God alive in us through Holy Spirit!

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