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Acts 16:25-34// Repent & Believe

Intro to the Scripture passage for kids:

This includes an object lesson about repentance. For it you will need a glass and something to pour into it, either a liquid or small candies. If you use a liquid you will also want a towel to put underneath the cup Say to the children something like this–try not to read from this page but preferably put it in your words:

Today we are going to read a story about Paul and Silas. They were two men who loved the Lord and trusted Him with their lives. Instead of believing they knew what was best for their lives, they changed their minds, and believed that God knew what was best for them!
They also believed He would GIVE them what was best! Paul and Silas are examples of people who “repented and believed” AND they are examples of people who helped others do the same!
Before we read the scripture I want to explain to you what repentance means. When we repent we are saying we are sorry or the wrong things we have done or believed and that we want to change our minds about them, turning towards God to receive His truth and goodness! Repentance means a change of direction. It means turning away from what is wrong (the sin in our life) and turning to God.
I’ll show you what I mean. (Bring out the object lesson items.) Do you see this cup? We will pretend this is like our lives. Do you see this pitcher of (apple juice, soda, candies, whatever you choose)? We’ll pretend this represents the good things God has for us. The glass might think, I’d really like some of that. So let’s pour out some of this delicious (apple juice, soda, candies, whatever you’ve chosen). (Pour it onto the bottom of the upturned glass so that it all flows down the sides.) Hey. What’s wrong here? (Let the children respond) That’s right. All this delicious (apple juice, soda, candies, whatever you’ve chosen) that represents the good things of God just spilled out and none stayed in the glass. If we want to be filled with the good things of God we need to be turned to God. (Turn the glass right way up and pour in some apple juice, soda, candies, whatever you’ve chosen) There, that’s better. This glass that represents our life needs to be turned to God in order to catch all that he has for us. (Note: repeating things will help make sure they get the point.) If we are turned away from God (show a cup once again turned downward) doing things our own way, being our own boss or doing things we know are wrong we won’t be able to receive all that God has for us. Repentance means turning around (turn the cup around) and turning towards God – to welcome Him and his wonderful life.
Now let’s read a story about Paul & Silas to discover how they turned toward God, trusting and believing Him to be good and give them what is best! Read Philippians 16:25-34 (you can and use the comprehension & imagination questions throughout the reading or at the end) A prayer at the end: Father God, when we are turned away from you help us to repent and turn towards you. We want to welcome you in our lives and be open to receiving all that you have for us. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Additional questions for comprehension & imagination amongst kids:


What were Paul and Silas doing that showed their trust in God? (they were singing hymns and spiritual songs, they stayed in the jail even after the earthquake)

How did their trust in God bless others? (their songs blessed others in jail, because they stayed the jailer didn’t kill himself and he and his household came to repent and believe in God)

What is the word of the Lord that Paul and Silas shared with the jailer? (The Gospel, you can use the “The Gospel & The Gift” to review this) In the end how did God give Paul and Silas what is best? (they were released from jail AND got to share the Gospel with everyone in jail as well as the jailer and his household)


Why do you think Paul and Silas DIDN’T run out of the jail after the earthquake? Would you have? If you were stuck in jail what spiritual song would you sing to keep your spirits up?

Activities to do with kids:

Object lesson about Repent and Believe See the “Intro to scripture passage” above.

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