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Acts 13:1-5

Use the simple Discovery Bible Study (DBS) format on the Home Resource tab to facilitate the reading and discussion. 


Paul and Barnabas are identified by the Holy Spirit and sent as ambassadors for the apostolic work of establishing the Church beyond Antioch, beginning the greater work of extending the Gospel to the Gentiles.


The foundations of the Church have been laid amongst the regions of Israel. The new believers have been organized and established in the way of Jesus, and now the there is peace and life in the Holy Spirit being celebrated in Judea, Galilee, and Samaria (Acts 9) Jesus commanded His friends to declare the Gospel and make disciples in all nations, starting in Jerusalem-but up until this point, it has been limited within its walls. Word has gotten back to the elders in Jerusalem, that the Holy Spirit has transformed the household of a gentile named Cornelius. What could this mean for the new Church? During this season of excitement and wonder, Jesus has been preparing His instrument to declare His kindness to the world beyond Israel. After radical conversion and growing friendship with the Apostles, Paul is busy serving the Church alongside Barnabas. But now the purposes of God, of love towards the nations of the Earth, is about to be released through these two men of faith. The Holy Spirit has spoken-set apart to Me Paul and Barnabas as ambassadors of the Kingdom; now is the time for this Gospel to be preached to all the world.


We see in this text that is was the Holy Spirit’s joy to send Paul and Barnabas as representatives; sent ones of the Kingdom. We go by being sent in the power and Person of the Holy Spirit, making us ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.


Here are three youtube links to songs  that you can use during the 'worship' portion of the DBS

Fall Afresh

Cover the Earth

Great Are You Lord


Questions for comprehension & imagination amongst kids.


  • Why were they worshipping and fasting? What were they waiting for?

Imagine that you are chosen to be an ambassador (definition: a person sent as the chief representative of his or her government in another country) for your family. You are sent out to tell other families all about how your family live life. What would you share with others in order to help them understand your family?

Acts 13 DBS ideas for Kids 

And for more general ideas on how to structure the time with kids in the mix see our HOME RESOURCE IDEAS FOR KIDS

Be encouraged to include the kids as much as possible in your gatherings. Have them listen to the scriptures as they are read aloud. Perhaps ask them how they heard the text, and invite them to retell back to everyone in their own words.

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