Acts 1:1-11

Use the simple Discovery Bible Study (DBS) format at the end of this resource to facilitate the reading and discussion. 


Jesus has been raised from the dead and was appearing to his disciple over 40 days. As He is about to ascend to the Father, He gathers the disciples to Himself to give them instructions for their ministry and the coming of the Holy Spirit.


For the joy set before Him, Jesus has endured the Cross, the grave, and the powers of Hell and Death. Now, He is Risen, and the yoke of sin is broken. For 40 days, the hopes and dreams of the disciples are rekindled, as Jesus ministers with wonders and signs, proving He is surely alive. When pressed by His followers of what is to come, Jesus will say wait. Wait for the Promise of My Father. And together, you will not seize power, but receive it. This power will not be to overthrow but to establish a Kingdom unshakeable and eternal. Wait, and you will be clothed to be witness to the entire world.


Below are three youtube links to songs  that you can use during the 'worship' portion of the DBS

Worthy of it All 

Prophesy Your Promise

 I Love Your Presence


See our dedicated page with this week's specific resource for kids

ACTS 1 DBS ideas for Kids

And for more general ideas on how to structure the time with kids in the mix see our HOME RESOURCE IDEAS FOR KIDS

Be encouraged to include the kids as much as possible in your gatherings. Have them listen to the scriptures as they are read aloud. Perhaps ask them how they heard the text, and invite them to retell back to everyone it in their own words.


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