A global movement of prayer, mission and justice known as 24-7 Prayer was officially launched in Guildford, England at the turn of the millennium.

Active today in more than 100 nations, the 24-7 Prayer movement has been praying non-stop since 1999. 

24-7 Prayer generates innovative new resources, ignites radical missions work and plants communities like ours all over the world.

If you want to know where we came from, and where we are going next, it will help to know a bit about 24-7 Prayer. One of the best ways of finding out more is to read the book Red Moon Rising, it will help you understand our vision as well as getting you excited about the power of prayer.

We have a dedicated 24-7 prayer room at Navah Church KC, in which we regularly pray night-and-day.

Navah Church KC is part of the Boiler Room network, which is a global family of churches and monastic communities associated with the 24-7 Prayer movement. Along with this extended family, we are committed to a lifestyle of prayer, mission and justice.

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