supporting the most vulnerable in KC

During the Covid-19 crisis Navah  is supporting the work of Freedom Fire Urban Ministries.

Freedom Fire cares for those greatly impacted by the Coronavirus. They are distributing care packages to children and families living in and around Federal housing. They will also distribute similar care packages to the homeless.

Through our Home Churches we are buying and packing care packages to be distributed by Freedom Fire.  We have committed to a monthly amount so it's very important that you email Tim Goddu and let him know how many packages you are dropping off. 

Here is  the list of what they would prefer in each pre-packed care package:

Care Package List:

-Peanut Butter And Jelly

-Bread (2 Loaves Per Bag)

-Canned Food (I.E.Spaghettios And Ravioli) - the 'easy open' cans are best

-Ramen Noodles

-Granola Bars

-Pop Tarts/Pastries

-Fruit (Fresh And Canned)


-Paper Products (Toilet Paper And Paper Towels)

These Pre-packed Care Bags Can Be Dropped Off At The Following Times And Places:

Freedom Fire Southside: 1111 E. 85th St., Kansas City MO

On Sundays From 11am To 1pm. and on Weekdays From 2pm To 4pm.

Downtown Office House : 2111 E. 13th St., Kansas City, MO

On Weekdays From 2pm To 4pm.


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