Life Transformation School (LTS)

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26 Apr

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Start date: 6:30, Apr 26 2021 End date: 9:00, May 8 2021 Location: El Torreon

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Life Transformation School (LTS)

LTS stands for "Life Transformation School." It is a two-week intensive environment where Jesus can transform our hearts and relationships.

LTS, led by Graham and Marie Catto, is about your heart being won over by the unfailing love of the Father, moving into the freedom of forgiveness, aligning yourself relationally in humility and honor, and receiving the authority and position you have in Christ by grace. It's a lot more than information, it's an impartation of Father's love and humility. Each person will participate in a small group discussion as well as have a personal prayer ministry time devoted to them.

We will explore these four significant questions:

Who is God?

What has God done?

Who are we?

How are we to live?

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