Gathering Sunday

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19 Jan

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Start date: 1:00, Jan 19 2020 End date: 2:00, Jan 19 2020 Location: 9500 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114

(until Oct 6th 2019)

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Gathering Sunday

Gathering Sunday 

What an exciting time to live in KC not only are the Chiefs in the Divisional Round for the Playoffs we also get to gather with the City in prayer and worship this Friday night for the Pray KC event (7 PM at Heartland Community Church) and contend for spiritual awakening in our city!

Because we value fun and family, we are going to adjust our Sunday Gathering this coming week to start at 1 PM immediately followed by an optional watch party at 2 PM for the game.

Colonial has actually hosted a few watch parties for previous Chief games and they worked great. We will still be gathering at Colonial (this will be our last time gathering there in this season) but will not be meeting the the auditorium rather a 'fellowship hall' type room called 'The Terrace Room'. You can access this room through the front doors we have used up until this point and then follow the Welcome Team's directions.

A few practical things to note:
* the Kids will be in Navah Kids from 1-2 PM (please check them in before you go to the Terrace Room)
* we will not provide kid care during the game
* please bring appetizers, snacks or drinks (no alcohol at Colonial) to share for the game (Avoid peanuts or very messy foods).

Our Sunday Gathering rhythm is Navah “Gathering Sundays” (1st and 3rd) and “Home Sundays” on (2nd and 4th).

Colonial Presbyterian Wornall

9500 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114

1PM - 2 PM

We have generously been invited by Colonial Presbyterian Church to gather in their building and partner with them during the months of October - January. 

On 1st and 3rd Sundays every month our whole Navah family will be Gathering in one location as the Father leads us. We will prayerfully discern how long to be at each location as we go. We believe that God has us “following the cloud” from region to region both to build his love for the city into us and bless the city through us! When all of Navah gathers in unity the Kingdom comes in ways we cannot see by ourselves.




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