Connect Communities

Our aim is that "Connect Communities" will better connect us to God and one another in an environment where Kingdom dreams are shared and born from these relationships.


The seed of the Kingdom has always been friends, praying and dreaming. When that Kingdom seed grows, it develops into prayerful family on mission living in committed relationships we call "Missional Communities".

We see "Connect Communities" as that Kingdom seed where we can: 

  • develop meaningful friendships, 
  • grow in our connection to God in prayer and the word 
  • discover and share God's dreams over our lives

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Current Connect Communities 

 Raoul & Chandler Santiago (Waldo, South KC)

 Lucas & Abby Tillman  (Midtown)

Duane & Laura Feathers  (South KC)

Jake Myska, John Brennan  (Midtown KC)

Cal & Kelly Callewaert (Parkville)

Claires & Gosdas (Blue Hills)



20 Apr

Navah Family Spring Retreat

Our annual retreat, open to our extended Navah family.

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