Prayer Course II Unanswered Prayer

April 25, 2021 - Good Friday: Why?

Eat Together (30 min) Please practice current safety measures if gathering in-person, seeking to enjoy the devotion of sharing a meal. Consider how to safely eat together (try to have each family bring food for their household, etc.).

Worship & Prayer (20 min) “Worship is the acknowledgment of, agreement with, and yielding to lordship, wholeheartedly offering attention and affection to ascribe worth.”

Choose any combination of the following engagements to fill your shared time of worship:


  • Follow this LINK for this week’s Worship Resource that also has practical instructions on how to worship together on Zoom.
  • YouTube Playlist This playlist includes one song for communal singing and one instrumental song for contemplation/meditation.

Scripture & Prayer Latin for “divine reading,” Lectio Divina is a form of meditation on the word of God that trains us to listen to His voice, allowing His word to become one with us.

Call & Response Liturgy

  • Follow this LINK to pray through a “call and response” liturgy crafted around the Lord’s Prayer.

Give We are going to pause for 2 minutes to consider how we will give this week. For those that call Navah home, this is a time for you to give right now or review your giving to all God does in and through Navah. During this time, also listen and ask the Spirit if there is a need/person He wants you to bless. Let’s wait in silence for 2 minutes now. Give Online.


  • Last opportunity to be part of Life Transformation School (LTS) which begins tomorrow, Monday April 26th, at El Torreon.  Apply HERE.
  • 24/7 Prayer Room; April 29 - May 1. Sign-up HERE.
  • May 2 Large Gathering at Swope Park.
  • Holliday Montessori Elementary School: The school year is drawing to a close.  It has been a particularly challenging year.  Please make a special effort to communicate your encouragement and appreciation one last time to the teacher/staff member that was assigned to you.  This can be done by email as you have done before, or by sending cards, letters, or small gifts to:

Holliday Montessori School
7227 Jackson Ave
KCMO 64132

  • Stay connected to the Navah Common Rule:
  1. Navah 2021 Bible Reading Plan
  2. Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - April 2021

Kids (time varies) Consider how you integrate these kids’ resources from Navah Kids. Each home church will do this differently depending on the number and age of the children participating. Remember to include your kids as much as possible and have fun! You can access the resource HERE.

Care (20 min)

  • Hi/Lo or Good News Stories
  • Invite each person to share a brief Hi/Lo (gratitude and prayer need)
  • Consider having the next person who shares pray a short blessing over the previous person who has shared.

Prayer Course II: Unanswered Prayers

Good Friday: Why?

Leader's Guide

Communion (10 min) Ask each person/household to prepare elements ahead of time - give them a few days heads up if possible

  • Read short passage - 1 Corinthians 11:23-26
  • Lead them in receiving the elements
  • Consider singing or reciting the doxology together (acapella)
  • Finish with the Lord’s prayer

Closing Prayer Read the poem together. Take 2 minutes of silent prayer to ask the Lord to open your heart to the process of the 5 week journey through the Prayer Course. 

Silent God by Edwina Gately

This is my prayer—

That, though I may not see,

I be aware

Of the Silent God

Who stands by me.

That, though I may not feel,

I be aware

Of the Mighty Love

Which doggedly follows me.

That, though I may not respond,

I be aware

That God—my Silent, Mighty God, Waits each day.

Quietly, hopefully, persistently.

Waits each day and through each night For me.

For me—alone.

04 Jun


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