Common Rule Weekly Prayer Guide

As a Navah family we want to be a people that daily takes time to listen to God in silence, practicing loving attentiveness to his presence, sharing our hearts with him and yielding to his will in agreement. We long to be a people of His presence

As part of our Common Rule at Navah we are offering you a weekly prayer guide to accompany your scripture reading. You can use it during your individual time with the Lord, or put it to practice with others. We encourage you to make it your own and allow the Holy Spirit to leverage it for your growth and discipleship.

2022 prayer guides

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - Jan - March 2022  



2021 Prayer guides

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - Jan 2021

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - Feb 2021

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - March 2021

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - April 2021

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - May 2021

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - June 2021

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - Summer 2021 (Jul-Aug)

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - September 2021

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - October 2021

Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - November 2021

December Prayer Guide - Advent Resources

How to Use this Resource 

Find a time of day that works for you. You may find that after you read your daily chapter of the New Testament you want to spend a few minutes in prayer and reflection. You may find that you read your scripture in the morning to start the day and then circle back around to the devotional resource at night as a family practice. You may need to try out a few different rhythms until you land on a good fit for your schedule. 

The document can be used daily, but is formatted for weekly rhythms. Each week you will have a new breath prayer, a fresh topic of gratitude, a new theme for intercession, and a song to reflect on by Poor Bishop Hooper. 

  • Breath Prayer – Each prayer comes from a scripture from the reading of that week. Concentrate on being present with the Lord and with yourself. This can be a simple and beautiful way to introduce children to prayer as well. It is meant to quiet our hearts and souls before the Lord. Throughout the day you can return to the breath prayer as a simple act of worship. 
  • Gratitude – We are instructed to rejoice in the Lord. Each week a topic of praise and gratitude helps to center our hearts in joy. 
  • Intercession – Praying for others is an exercise of faith and love. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you springboard off of the weekly topic.  
  • Surrender- A simple prayer of yielding , to help us grow in trusting God, and surrendering to his will. 
  • EVERYPSALM – Our friends, Jesse and Leah Roberts, have been releasing a song from the book of Psalms every week as a free gift to the body of Christ.  You can subscribe to their project at and follow along as we incorporate the Psalms into our daily lives. 

Our common rule  is an individual and corporate journey we encourage you to get creative and go beyond the resource. Use can use the breath prayers in your D-groups, workplaces, or group text threads. Share your insight from the intercession topic with your Home Church or pass on the gratitude reflection with a struggling neighbor. Spread the love as the Lord leads. If this devotional serves you and/or becomes a blessing to your family rhythms we would love to hear about it. We want to continue to create resources that are useful and life giving for the season we’re in together as a Navah Church Family.

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