A letter to Navah Home Church Leaders (3-18-2020) 

Home Church Leaders

What an incredible time to be the Church! To quote saint Adam Cox of Legacy East "we got this family, we've been prepared for this!" Perhaps no greater time to enter into our own book of Acts story. We have the Spirit, we have the Shepherd, we have each other......I'm feeling a tad excited....no caffeine either mind you :)

*By now, you would've read the letter we sent out to all of Navah. If you haven't, it can be found here. Please pause and read that first before continuing. 

As noted in the letter, we are asking all our Home Churches to self organize into smaller units of 10. Ten includes children. "For a small person germ is the same as big person germ" - Big Bird and Doug Day say so. The other attachment to this email is a phenomenal resource that Julie Day, Danielle Burges, and I, have put together for you, and all of us, to help us move into smaller units. As you read it, you will see that we are strongly recommending every home church to gather virtually starting March 29th. 

This recommendation towards virtual sooner rather than later is given for a variety of reasons:

1. We can readily imagine and discern the possibility, of a change to gathering size restrictions (currently at 10) to even smaller numbers. A growing list of places are doing this. Europe is urgently tightening restrictions as we speak.

2. We want to aim for the highest level of social responsibility. We want to do our part to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Lord, please stop the spread now in Jesus name 

3. We see wisdom in preparing for and experiencing, the most extreme measures now rather than later.  

4. We want to make this transition into smaller units as easy and accessible as possible with no one being left out. Virtual gatherings support the possibility of everyone having a place to connect.

And now, we entrust the decision for you and your team to decide what to do next, virtual or in person (until the city or CDC makes the decision for you). Again, we are a judgment-free family. 10 person "max" is the goal either way. A virtual meeting with 10 people will allow for greater participation and involvement than a larger group.

As you'll see in the attachment, we believe the forced move into smaller units is a "gift" from Jesus. We have the opportunity to raise up more leaders. More home churches, in time, will come from this. More prayer, for sure, more prayer will come through this. More, yes Lord, more disciples through this. Navah kids will be forever marked by all of our faith-filled response at this time. Can you see the opp to invite non Jesus followers right now to participate? (virtually could be an even easier on-ramp). God spoke something in one of our recent prayer times "My power is on the small". I believe that is true.

A final word before you read onward. You cannot fail Navah at this. Stop, and say that out loud "I cannot fail at this".  Good job. For real my friends, Jesus is powerfully leading His Church right now. Joyfully enter and play your essential part to the best of your ability. He is with you. He is with us. We, your coaches especially, are here to assist and support.

Love to you all,

David and co


27 Jun


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