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Matthew 22:36-40// LOVE

Telling the story/scripture for kids: 

A religious man asked Jesus a question. He was a man who had studied all about God's law and loved being known as a rule follower. He asked Jesus what was the greatest, or most important commandment in the law. No matter what commandment Jesus chose, the man thought he could argue that some other commandment was just as important. He probably hoped to show that Jesus was not really smarter than any of the other Jewish teachers. He thought he had Jesus trapped. He thought that Jesus could not give any right answer. 

However, Jesus understood God's law far better than the man thought He did, because Jesus knew His Father and His Father’s heart! Jesus did not choose just one commandment. Instead, Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment" (Matthew 22:37,38). This is a command that sums up so many others. If we truly love God with all our heart, we will want to obey all the other commands that show Him our love. The man had not asked Jesus what the second greatest command was, but Jesus told him anyway. The second greatest commandment "is like it," Jesus said. "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Matt. 22:39). This one sums up all the commandments about how to treat others. If we truly love others, we will not steal from them or lie about them, and we certainly will not kill them! Jesus said that these two things are really what the law of God was all about - loving God and loving our neighbors.  Jesus got right to the heart of it all, He got right to the heart of Father God. No one could complain a bit about His answer. 


Additional Questions for Comprehension & Imagination


What does Jesus say is the MOST important?

What does Jesus mean that the rest of the laws “hang on these two”?


What do you think matters most to God, that people follow rules or that people follow Love?

Can you follow the rules and not be loving? Can you be loving and follow rules? (what’s the difference between those two?)

What would it look like if at school, instead of just trying to “follow all the rules” you thought about these two things “How can I love God here? How can I love others here?”- Do you think those thoughts will actually help you follow all the rules at school?


Loving God and Others with ALL of me outline:

Use butcher paper to roll out a big piece of paper or if its nice outside and you have concrete & sidewalk chalk use those things

Create an outline of someone’s body on the paper or sidewalk

Then list parts of our body that we can use to love God and Others and have the kids brainstorm how we could use them for that

Ears (example: listening when others are talking, listening to God’s creation & delighting in it)

Eyes (example: paying attention to others needs, reading the Bible)

Nose & Mouth (example: singing hymns and praise music, speaking kind words)

Mind (example: learning about Jesus, thinking of new ways to help, meditating on who God is, inviting God into our thoughts)

Heart (example: praying to God- this is conversation we talk AND listen, taking deep breaths when things are hard and letting God fill us with His Holy Spirit- He loves to be WITH us, showing kindness to others through our words & actions )

Hands (example: holding the door, cleaning up- when it’s your mess or even when its not)

Feet (example: taking a walk with God, running around/playing with friends)

Listening Prayer:

Invite the Kids to P.R.A.Y with you. 

P= PAUSE, take some deep breaths and while they do that read some scriptures about God’s love for us to center everyone’s heart

R= REJOICE, have everyone stand up and shout a praise to the Lord- this could just be a thank you for who He is or it could be a praise for something He has done for/shown them 

A= ASK, sit back down or if we need to get wiggles out have everyone keep standing or even pace back and forth. Ask God for ideas on how we can love Him. Then ask God for ideas on how we can love others around us. Encourage kids that God loves to be specific with us and He might give us an idea that we wouldn’t normally think of. Everything they hear is worth sharing, even if it feels funny! 

Y=YIELD, practice saying YES to God and all that He spoke to you by literally having everyone say “God, we give your our YES to loving you and loving others. WE LOVE YOU! Amen” 

Coloring Sheet:

Use the first coloring sheet to have kids brainstorm and draw ways they can show love to God and Others

Coloring Page 


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