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2 Cor 8:1-9// Give



Additional Questions for Comprehension & Imagination


Why did the Macedonians give? What/who were they giving to?

What was special about their giving? Why did Paul give it as a good example of giving?

Why did Paul encourage us to give?


Why do you think it is important to give? What would the world be like if NO ONE ever gave anything to anyone else?

What can be fun about giving? 

If you were in need how do you think a good friend might help you?


Story sharing/ Testimony time: Adults share stories and testimonies of giving. Also, make space for kids to share any stories or testimonies they have of giving. Frame your stories around our Navah values for giving: 

Worship: “All that I own does not own me”-- Share about a time when it felt hard to give something away, but you chose to anyways. Key for kids: “My identity is in God, not things. I don’t let my wants for things or things that I have boss me around or tell me what to do/how to be.”

Stewardship: “All that I own is not my own”--Share about a time when you have earned money or been given something that wasn’t just yours but is also for others. (ex. Parents work and make money, but it’s not just theirs to spend on themselves. Key for kids: “All that I have is not for me alone. I am a part of BIG Family with all of God’s children. Just like I share with my immediate family, I can share with God’s Family.”

Faithfulness: “I will consistently give a portion of what I own to the establishment of God’s Kingdom through the Church”--Share about consistently tithing and giving above and beyond that to people in need and special things like Faith Fund.  Key for kids: “I don’t just give when I feel like it, but I say yes to giving regularly and over and over again. Because God’s giving never stops, mine doesn’t have to either.”

Joyful Generosity: “I will be joyfully sacrificial and extravagant in my giving as the Holy Spirit leads me”--Share about a time of extravagant giving prompted by the Holy Spirit. Key for kids--- “I talk to God about my giving and ask for His advice. Talking to Him and doing what He says is so much FUN, even when it costs me something.”

Object Lesson:

Bring a metal bowl and a bag of coins or several rolls of pennies, nickels, or dimes. Explain that when each one of us gives it is such a joyful and beautiful thing. Drop a coin in the bowl and say “When -name one of the kids- gives it is amazing” and drop a coin in the bowl. It will make a loud clank! Repeat that a few times to give the kids a physical and auditory example of giving. Then give each kid a handful of coins. Explain that when one person gives it is amazing and “makes a beautiful sound of worship”, we’ve seen that… now let’s see/hear what it sounds like when we all come together to give. Invite the kids to come forward all at once and dump their coins into the metal bowl. It will make lots of loud clanking! Talk about how when a few people respond to God in joyful and generous giving it makes a beautiful sound, but when we ALL give our yes to joyful and generous giving it makes an even louder beautiful sound of worship. 

Listening Prayer:

Invite the Kids to P.R.A.Y with you. 

P= PAUSE- take some deep breaths and while they do that read some scriptures about God’s love for us to center everyone’s heart

R= REJOICE- have everyone stand up and shout a praise to the Lord- REMEMBERING who He is and what He has done for them

A= ASK- invite everyone to ask God to fill their hearts and minds with His generosity which is overflowing from confidence in His provision for everything. 

Y=YIELD- practice releasing what we own to the Lord. Invite everyone to hold their arms out as if they have a giant beach ball in it, then invite everyone to take time to imagine they are holding “all that they own” in their arms. Invite everyone to say something like “God all that I have you have given me, All that I own does not own me, I am yours, I trust you with all that you have given, I say yes to what you will have me do with it”. Then release your arms, yielding all that you own back to God your generous and faithful Father!

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