Ideas For How To Include Kids

As a Family no matter where we are in our neighborhoods, city, or world, whether we are gathered in homes or all together in one place we believe:

God’s will is FOR kids
God’s covenant INCLUDES kids
God’s Kingdom BELONGS to kids

We aim to serve everyone and honor children as Jesus honored them when He welcomed them to Himself and laid hands on them to pray.  

These beliefs and honor for kids are the foundation of how we spend our time with them during our Home Sundays

During Home Gatherings, we encourage you to eat together and worship all together as families.

In these home settings, we recognize the dynamics of each gathering and group will be unique, therefore we want to offer two suggested ways of honoring and valuing kids growth during these times. Please note that these are suggestions and not “rules”. We trust you to discern what is best for your unique kids and group! The heart is to honor, love and serve EVERYONE best! Also, know that you do not have to pick away and do it that same way every gathering. You may decide to stay all together for some weeks and then to create a set-aside space for kids others. We invite you into the freedom and clarity of praying and discerning what God is inviting your group to do each time.

Staying with the whole group:

We believe that children in Kindergarten and older can engage with our times of Discovery Bible Study (DBS) and other conversation during these Home Sundays and suggest that they remain with the adults.  

If your group has a small number of kids overall we also suggest keeping them in with the adults.

Ideas of how this can look:


  • Set up space for the kids to sit in the middle of the room, this way they are fully surrounded by the adults and even have the feeling of being “fully included”
  • Give them some paper, writing utensils, or coloring supplies and invite them to write or draw while they listen
  • In discussion create space for them to speak up, don’t be afraid to call on them specifically  (they may need this kind of encouragement while in a big group) Use the questions created for the kids from the resource that week.
  • Remind them that their voices matter and that God is just as real inside of them as He is in any of the adults.
    Suggestions to think about:
    Avoid keeping your kids in with you, but then allowing them to run around the room disengaged. This can create a distraction for the adults and other kids who would otherwise stay engaged. The hope for this time is that everyone will connect with each other and God in some way! If they need something active to do or something to fidget with, plan ahead for this.  

Creating a set-aside space just for kids:

If your group has a large number of kids, especially if most of them are preschool age and younger, we suggest creating a set-aside space for them.

Ideas of how this can look:


Share the responsibility: Everyone in the group should participate in helping facilitate this space. Create a schedule of who will serve what weeks!

Avoid leaning on the teens to care for the younger kids. They are at an age where they should be processing and learning alongside the adults.

For safety, everyone serving kids in this way should complete a background check (all servers for our Gathered Sundays do this as well) and there should always be at least 2 adults serving together.

What to do/How to run the time:

(5-10 min) Start with a time of connecting. Have kids introduce themselves and the adults introduce themselves.

(5 min) Review our Navah Kids rules:

  1. Follow directions right away, all the way, the happy way.
  2. Use kind words and kind actions
  3. Stick with the group
  4. Raise your hand for permission to speak

(10-20 min) One or both of the adults leading can teach the kids about something they are passionate about. This could be anything (soccer, art, engineering, robots, etc) as long as you are genuinely passionate about.

(5-10 min) Read the passage of scripture for that morning a couple of times. Invite an older kid to read this. If it’s possible to project it somewhere or write it really big so everyone can see it.

(10  min) Discuss the scripture passage using the questions for kids resource for that week.

(10-15 min) Do a hands-on activity tied to the scripture passage or one of the things an adult shared they are passionate about.

Remember: Include the kids as much as possible and have FUN!

If you are struggling with engaging or including the children into your time please contact your Regional Leader or Coach and we would be happy to resource you directly. Our kid's leader Rachel Edwards would also be happy to brainstorm ideas and solutions with you. 

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