Abiding in Jesus During Crisis

This is a six week Home Church Resource structured after the DBS model and is designed to be used for Virtual Home Church see our Going Virtual Page for more instructions on how to do Home Church Online. 

The content in this resource is inspired by the stunning devotionals that 24-7 Prayer have made available during this global pandemic.  You can find both of these resources at the following links:

Lectio365 (March 23rd - 28th)

Trusting Jesus In The Storm (Three day reflection on the YouVersion Bible App)

The links below will become live as the resource becomes available:

Week 1 (3.29.20) Love in a time of fear: 1 John 4:15-19 

Week 2 (4.5.20) Connection In A Time Of Isolation: Luke 8:42-48 

Week 3 (4.19.20) Peace In The Time of Storms: Mark 4:35-41 

Week 4 (4.26.20) Depth In A Time Of Distraction: Mark 6:30-32 

Week 5 (5.3.20) Hope In A Time Of Heartbreak: John 20:11-18 

Week 6 (5.10.20) Courage In A Time Of Containment: Joshua 1:1-9

You can also download the complete 6 part resource here: DOWNLOAD

and the complete Kid's resource here: DOWNLOAD

DBS outline:

- Worship: What are you thankful for? Song, Communion or Giving etc.

- Care: Briefly share Hi/Lo from the week and pray for one another.

- Accountability: Allow each person to give a brief report of what happened as they put the passage into practice during the last week? Or shared what they learned.

-Read the passage

-Retell the passage


1.What did you learn about God?

2.What did you learn about People?

3.Is there a sin to repent of, promise to receive, example to follow, command to obey?

-Obey: What is something you can do to put this passage into practice this week?

-Share: Is there someone in your life that needs to hear what God is showing you today?

-Pray/Commission: Pray for one another and send each other in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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