HOME SUNDAY RESOURCE: October 13th, 2019
The command to follow: LOVE


Researchers have found that moving our bodies and adding actions to our learning significantly increases our ability to remember. Here is a hand action you can add to the command to remember it:

 Step 1:
Take both hands with palms facing up and cross across your chest - hug action

SCRIPTURE PASSAGE: Matthew 22:36-40

Matthew 22:36-40

Use the simple Discovery Bible Study (DBS) format on the Home Resource tab to facilitate the reading and discussion. 


Jesus is questioned by the Pharisees concerning the Law of Moses. What is the greatest commandment? 


“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law” There is, yet, another exchange between Jesus and the teachers of the law of Moses. So, far the Pharisees, Sadducees, or any lawyer or scribe has been able to expose a flaw in the knowledge that Jesus has regarding the Scriptures. Now, they will attempt to catch Him in His understanding. To know a thing, and to understand it are quite different, in their opinion. Many modern-day scholars agree that there are 613 commandments in the Old Testament. In Matthew’s Gospel, the religious system has asked Jesus to sum it all up, as if to ask Him “What’s it all for?”

Jesus responds very simply with an answer that delights and confounds us to this day. Love God with every ounce of your being, and love others as you love yourself. This love Jesus speaks of is agape. This love is a wholehearted, whole being love. It seeks only the best for those in which it is intended. In everything it thinks, does, says, and imagines, agape has the other’s best in mind. This is the heart of the law, and the fullness of it, Jesus says. To offer to God the very best of ourselves, for He is worthy of it. 1 John 4:19 tells us this is only possible because He first loved us. Having received the best from God, we offer Him the very best.

We seek this fullness of love for others, as well. As we have been loved by God, so we lavish all people with this agape. This love transforms us, and rightfully so we freely offer this love to any who would receive it, that they may be transformed, as well. 

This will take a lifetime and eternity to fully understand. And the Scriptures give us rich and practical ways in how to love. Jesus commands us to love, and in obedience to Him, we discover what that means, and our ability to love like Him grows. Love makes room in our hearts for more love. Love makes room. 


Here are three youtube links to songs  that you can use during the "worship" portion of the DBS:



Jesus paid it all



What does Jesus say is the MOST important?

What does Jesus mean that the rest of the laws “hang on these two”?


What do you think matters most to God, that people follow rules or that people follow Love?

Can you follow the rules and not be loving? Can you be loving and follow rules? (what’s the difference between those two?)

What would it look like if at school, instead of just trying to “follow all the rules” you thought about these two things “How can I love God here? How can I love others here?”- Do you think those thoughts will actually help you follow all the rules at school?

For more detailed resources and activities for kids, click this link below: 

Matt 22:36-40 DBS Ideas for Kids 

For more general ideas on how to structure Home Sundays with kids, see our HOME RESOURCE IDEAS FOR KIDS

Be encouraged to include the kids as much as possible in your gatherings. Have them listen to the scriptures as they are read aloud, participate in communion, or lead you all in worship. Perhaps ask them how they heard the text, and invite them to re-tell back to everyone in their own words.


We are partnering with Exodus Cry this month to pack the Hope Bags for their outreaches.  Please pack the bags with your community this week, pray over them and return them to the Gathering on Oct 20th. If you need a list of items to pack see this LINK

Here is what Exodus Cry does on there outreached here in KC.  
When we make contact with an exploited person, we:
*Demonstrate the kindness of Jesus, letting her know that she is valued, loved, and not judged.
*Meet her where she is at and seek to build a genuine friendship with her.
*Give her a hotline number, email, and/or Facebook page where she can reach us anytime.
*Care for her by providing a Hope Bag. 
*Offer prayer and support. When she is ready, we can aid her escape from her situation and provide her with safe options for a new life.


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