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The command to follow: give


Researchers have found that moving our bodies and adding actions to our learning significantly increases our ability to remember. Here is a hand action you can add to the command to remember it:

 Step 1:

Take your right hand and move it to your heart

Step 2:

Move your hand away from your heart like you are taking something out of it 

(taking money out of your heart rather than your wallet)

SCRIPTURE PASSAGE: 2 Corinthians 8:1-9

Use the simple Discovery Bible Study (DBS) format on the Home Resource tab to facilitate the reading and discussion. 

We want to encourage you to keep the discussion focused on the heart and leave enough time to get to the prayer resource we have provided. The aim of this time is to focus on Jesus and his generosity and surrendering our hearts, wealth and possessions to him fully.


Corinthians is a letter Paul wrote to The Church in Corinth, in this first part of chapter 8, Paul encourages the church to be generous in giving and uses the Macedonian Christians as an example.


When Paul holds up the Macedonians as an example of giving his emphasis is on the fact that it is God’s grace that enabled their paradoxical abundant joy and extreme poverty to overflow with a wealth of generosity in the midst of a particularly difficult time. And his appeal to the Corinthians is rooted in their “overflowing” with all sorts of spiritual gifts -- including Paul’s love for them -- so that they might overflow in this grace as well. Of course, Paul’s primary example is Christ’s grace: though rich, he became poor for our sakes so that by His poverty we might become rich.  

The key verse in unlocking this passage is vs. 5 ' They gave themselves first of all to the Lord'. Our true worship is to give our hearts fully FIRST to the Lord and then the beautiful generous gift we receive in Jesus overflows in joyful generosity to others. 


As we learn to walk as disciples of Jesus we find that He continually invites us to surrender all that we have to Him out of trust, obedience, and love. With every area of our lives, but especially with our finances, we rely on the Holy Spirit to illuminate any impure way within us that we might repent and continue to grow. Consider setting aside time this week to slowly and thoughtfully respond to the following questions with the help of the Holy Spirit.  


 ”All I own does not own me.” 

Lord, is there any area of my heart I have not fully surrendered to you?

Have I made you Lord over my wealth and resources?


“All that I own is not my own.”

Do I often find myself in prayer asking the Lord how to steward my resources?

Have I invited others into any financial burdens I have so as to expose fear and shame and welcome wise counsel? 


“I will consistently give to the establishment of God’s Kingdom through the Church” 

Am I managing my money with integrity and honesty, giving consistently to my local church?

Invite the Lord to reveal any fears or motivations that would make this a challenge for you. 


“I will be joyfully sacrificial and extravagant in my giving as the Holy Spirit leads me.”

Am I living simply and within my means so I can be joyfully generous to see God’s glory put on display by loving the most vulnerable in our world?


In every area of our lives, we recognize that we continually fall short without Jesus’ help. He doesn’t condemn our areas of weakness. Instead, He comes alongside and says, “This is the way, walk in it” and “I will never leave you.” He is not ashamed to call us friends. We must not be afraid to take his hand and allow him to teach us how to live. Grace and hope to you as you welcome the Light of Jesus into every area of life. 


Here are three youtube links to songs  that you can use during the "worship" portion of the DBS:


Worthy Of It All

Jesus, we love you

Jesus paid it all




*Why did the Macedonians give?

*What was special about their giving? Why did Paul give it as a good example of giving?

*Why did Paul encourage us to give?


*Why do you think it is important to give? What would the world be like if NO ONE ever gave anything to anyone else?

*What can be fun about giving? 

*If you were in need how do you think a good friend might help you?

For more detailed resources and activities for kids, click this link below: 

2 Cor 8// Give: DBS Ideas for Kids 

For more general ideas on how to structure Home Sundays with kids, see our HOME RESOURCE IDEAS FOR KIDS

Be encouraged to include the kids as much as possible in your gatherings. Have them listen to the scriptures as they are read aloud, participate in communion, or lead you all in worship. Perhaps ask them how they heard the text, and invite them to re-tell back to everyone in their own words.

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