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July 24, 2022 - No one can, but Jesus

Worship & Prayer - “Worship is the acknowledgment of, agreement with, and yielding to lordship, wholeheartedly offering attention and affection to ascribe worth.”

  • Refer to the Navah Songs of the Season 2022. These lyrics reflect the season we’re in as a body. Any one of them can springboard you into worship and response. YouTube videos and chord charts included.
  • Pray for your home church around the area of Mission. Celebrate any testimonies or developments that have come up this week! 

Give - Pause to consider how we will give this week. For those that call Navah home, this is a time for you to give right now or review your giving to all God does in and through Navah. During this time, also listen and ask the Spirit if there is a need/person He wants you to bless. Let’s wait in silence for 2 minutes now. 


  • Grief Group is continuing to meet on Tuesday nights, 7pm at El  Torreon and is open  to everyone (whether in Navah or not). Beginning next week, the group will go through the book, "It's OK that you're not OK - Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture that doesn't Understand."
  • Next All Navah Gathering: Sunday, August 14th, 10am (note we will begin meeting in the mornings when gathering at El Torreon).
  • Life Transformation School: August 15-27; sign-up HERE.
  • Reframing the Prophetic; learn more and sign-up HERE.




Scripture Reflection - Matthew 14:13-21

As discussed last week, we look the world around us and see it spilling over with people. Remember, we are quickly approaching 8 billion inhabitants on the earth! Imagine now each person having only one need, and one need only. That would still be 8 billion needs in the world!? That is an unspeakable amount of potential problems created, pains experienced, questions unanswered and needs begging to be met. The reality, though, is everyone on planet earth does not only have one need - they have thousands. Every human life is complex, and every story contains an endless amount of threads making up the tapestry of its existence. No one is fit to meet every need all the time. No one except God.

Human needs are as diverse as the humans who have them; spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, etc. We all have need all the time in every way. How do we know which ones need attention and which ones need prayer and which ones simply need to be tossed out? Again, no one is fit to handle all of these situations. No one except Jesus. 

In Matthew 14:13-21, we again find Jesus faced with the complexity of human need. It's important to mention that in the context of the scripture, Jesus has just heard that His beloved cousin and messenger, John the Baptist, has just been put to death by the whims of a girl and pride of a king. Jesus has just returned from time away, most assuredly to grieve alone with the Father. As soon as He returns from the Father meeting His own needs, Jesus is faced with a multitude of needs from all around the region. They came to Him again with all their physical, spiritual, emotional needs. And again, Jesus has compassion on them and meets every single need. Every high level need held and healed by His hand.

Finally, evening comes and the Lord’s disciples discover that there is one need that even Jesus can’t meet. This enormous crowd has not eaten, and they have no food. “Send them away”, they said, “so that they can find food for themselves.” But Jesus responds that He will not, and that His friends will feed the crowd. Convinced they could not do it, but equally convinced they could not argue with the Master, they offer Jesus some loaves and fish. And out of their lack, Jesus meets the need. 

It is true that not one of us can meet the every increasing needs, visible and invisible, of our world. But Jesus can. There is not one thing the Father can not supply for all who cry out to Him. And often He invites us to participate with Him as He pours out love and goodness to those in need.

Where do you feel unable to meet the brokenness of the world emotionally, spiritually, or practically? And yet, what is in your hand? What might you have that Jesus can use to multiply meet the needs of others; provision overflowing from a heart of compassion.


Reading and Reflection 

Before reading, invite the Holy Spirit to guide the community into all truth, as Jesus promised the Spirit would do (John 16:13)

  • Read the passage one time, then pause for 30 seconds, letting the Spirit sow the word into our being.
  • Read the passage again.
  • After reading, enter a time of prayer and waiting, asking the Lord to begin to highlight to each person a phrase, idea, or anything else the Lord might be saying to them in this time from the text! Make plenty of room for creative sharing back: if someone has a picture, a song, or a prayer, let that come out during this time!
  • Finish the time with listening to the Spirit, and then praying the Lord’s Prayer.


Questions for consideration:

What are some questions I can ask myself, as I engage people throughout my day in the coming week?

  • Where are you inviting me to serve with You, Jesus, even in places of perceived lack?
  • Lord, who are you putting in front of me today?
  • What need are you inviting me to serve others in? Physical, emotional, spiritual?


Communion - Read a short passage  (1 Corinthians 11:23-26) - lead them in receiving the elements.

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