"We are aimed at living in wisdom without fear and moving away from self-protection to love and social responsibility in the service of others as Jesus embodied for us! This is a real crisis and stopping community spread for the vulnerable is of huge importance." - Adam Cox

* Update because of Kansas City's current 'Stay in Place' mandate we will be moving to an every week virtual/online Home Church Gathering rhythm starting March 29 - See this resource on how to self organize into smaller units so that your online experience is interactive

Tips for self organizing into small units in Home Church for Virtual Gatherings

Essential Reminders for Home Church Leaders

  • Prioritize time with Jesus. Find your sweet spot, aka secret place, and enjoy His presence/His word. Stay close to Jesus in prayer. 
  • Communicate with those in your home church. Check-in on people. Start a WhatsAPP group. So helpful for people and easier than a text thread.
  • Refer back to the link above around with 6 tips on self-organizing into smaller units. Work with your coach as needed to brainstorm/troubleshoot.
  • As for virtual platforms, Zoom is the best we know of. We would ask you to invest in the pro package at $15 a month (Only one person in your Home Church needs the Pro package to host all of you on the platform) We may only need it for 2 months, but it is oh so worth it. Let us know if you don't have the means to cover the cost. (Resources on how to use Zoom below)
  • Watch for your weekly home resource emailed to you and posted to the website.


Using Zoom to host a virtual Gathering:

We have two amazing resources that will help you feel confident, and dare I say excited, about using Zoom. 

  • Getting Started with Zoom Video 4 mins LINK (this is the very basic 1.0 step by step walkthrough)
  • Zoom website has loads of simple how to videos as well LINK
  • Check out the Zoom training on how to use the breakout rooms - these are really helpful for discussions where everyones voice is heard : LINK * this could be a great way to use the kids resources- especially if you have a wide age range in your Home Church
  • This link is to a training All Nations hosted recently for hundreds of church planters around the world. "The Quarantined Church". Such a helpful and encouraging resource! The first 20 minutes demonstrates how to host a meeting on Zoom. It's the 2.0 add on to the first video above. Very helpful tips learned by our friends who have been using Zoom for years. The 2nd half is actually a demonstration/equipping on how to lead a virtual church meeting. Josh Johnson inspires and illustrates the pieces Navah uses already like DBS. This section will fuel your heart and imagination. Highly recommend it!
  • MOST IMPORTANT Practice Zoom a few times before your first gathering! Be on your Zoom 15-20 minutes ahead of your start time and encourage others to log on early in case something needs troubleshooting

Worship Instructions for Virtual Home Church Gatherings

Visit this page for detailed instructions LINK

A letter to Navah Home Church Leaders (3-18-2020) 

Read the full letter through the link above : here are a few important details

As noted in the letter, we are asking all our Home Churches to self organize into smaller units of 10. Ten includes children. "For a small person germ is the same as big person germ" - Big Bird and Doug Day say so. Above is a phenomenal resource that Julie Day, Danielle Burges, and I, have put together for you, and all of us, to help us move into smaller units. As you read it, you will see that we are strongly recommending every home church to gather virtually starting March 29th. 



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