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The command to follow: Obey the Word


Researchers have found that moving our bodies and adding actions to our learning significantly increases our ability to remember. Here is a hand action you can add to the command to remember it:

Obey the Word; Step 1:
Take both hands and put them together in front of you as if they are the front and back cover of a closed book.
Obey the Word; Step 2:
Open your hands as if you are opening a book.

SCRIPTURE PASSAGE: Matthew 7:24-29

Matthew 7:24-29

Use the simple Discovery Bible Study (DBS) format on the Home Resource tab to facilitate the reading and discussion. 


Jesus is teaching on the importance of obedience to His word, and the benefit of following His commands.


Jesus lays out life-giving instructions that establish our lives in Him and in the ways of the Father. This Kingdom can withstand every obstacle that we could ever experience. When we obey Him, we are founded in safety. 

 To be inspired but unmoved by the words and commands of Jesus will leave us heartbroken and undone when struggles come. Though many hear His word, many fail to allow it to shape their way of life. In missing this opportunity, we are left disconnected from the safety of God’s love and His word. We become vulnerable to every attack and every obstacle in this life.

Our inheritance in Jesus is a love that sustains obedience. In our obedience, we are delighted in by the Lord in all of life.


  1. Where are you feeling challenged to grow in your obedience to Jesus’ command?
  2. Is there a command or practice you could commit to growing in together as a community of people?


Here are three youtube links to songs  that you can use during the "worship" portion of the DBS:

We Have Come

What a Beautiful Name

Build My Life


Questions for comprehension & imagination amongst kids:


  1. Who does Jesus say will be like the man who built his house on the rock? 
  2. What does it look like to put Jesus words “into practice”?
  3. Who does Jesus say will be like the man who built his house on sand?
  4. What does it look NOT to put Jesus words “into practice”?


  1. What are some “rain and storms” that could happen in your life or have happened in your life? 
  2. How do you think you can tell if a person is “building his house on the rock” aka living life with Jesus and obeying His words or not?

Matthew 7:24-29 DBS Ideas for Kids 

And for more general ideas on how to structure the time with kids in the mix see our HOME RESOURCE IDEAS FOR KIDS

Be encouraged to include the kids as much as possible in your gatherings. Have them listen to the scriptures as they are read aloud, participate in communion or lead you all in worship. Perhaps ask them how they heard the text, and invite them to retell back to everyone in their own words.

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