Following Jesus Together

September 20: Matthew 9:9-13 DBS

Eat Together (30 min) Please practice current safety measures as we begin to gather in-person, seeking to enjoy the devotion of sharing a meal. Consider how to safely eat together (try to have each family bring food for their household, etc.).

Worship & Prayer (20 min)
“Worship is the acknowledgment of, agreement with, and yielding to lordship, wholeheartedly offering attention and affection to ascribe worth.”
Follow this LINK for this week’s Worship Resource that also has practical instructions on how to worship together on Zoom.
YouTube Playlist
We encourage you to use this instrumental song as a meditation to behold the character and nature of the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Posture yourself in a comfortable position, take a couple of deep breaths, invite the Holy Spirit to bring you to a place of stillness and focus, and ask Him to reveal more of the Lord’s heart to you. As the Spirit leads our minds and hearts to specific aspects of His nature, our response of worship is offering our gratitude and affection to Him again - our honor, our repentance, our trust, our adoration, and our surrender.
Psalm 51:10-19 for Lectio Divina

We are going to pause for 2 minutes to consider how we will give this week. For those that call Navah home, this is a time for you to give right now or review your giving to all God does in and through Navah. During this time, also listen and ask the Spirit if there is a need/person He wants you to bless. Let’s wait in silence for 2 minutes now. Give Online.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this year's FaithFund! September is the last month for contributions in this FaithFund year of 2019/2020.  We begin a new year with new pledges in October for the next year and will be reporting on the wonderful fruit from the contributions from the 2019/2020 year.

Kids (time varies)
Consider how you integrate these kids’ resources from Navah Kids. Each home church will do this differently depending on the number and age of the children participating. Remember to include your kids as much as possible and have fun! See the resource HERE.

Care (20 min)

  • Hi/Lo or Good News Stories
  • Invite each person to share a brief Hi/Lo (gratitude and prayer need)
  • Consider having the next person who shares pray a short blessing over the previous person who shared

DBS and Commentary
Who was this Jesus? And who were those He called to Himself? Wouldn’t it make more sense to surround oneself with the “good ones” - the best of the religious circles? Surely it would be better to call those that were at least honoring the religious law instead of breaking it? Why start with what was broken if your purpose was to build something beautiful?
We can imagine that Matthew, the Jew turned tax collector, was asking himself the same question. He was not like the others that were with Jesus. At least the first of the Jesus followers did something respectable as fishermen. These were men who wanted to provide something for others. But Matthew was a tax collector, bent on taking from his nation, not giving to it. To make it worse, he was in service to Israel’s oppressors, Rome. Yet, Jesus comes and gives the same invitation that He had given before… ”Follow Me.”  Matthew gets up and follows Him immediately. Not because he thought himself worthy, but because Jesus called him and he was willing. 
Who is this Jesus, the One who makes space for the “tax collectors and sinners?” And who is He pursuing? His response is simple: I’ve come for all of those who are willing.

Scripture and DBS questions - Matthew 9:9-13

  • What do we learn about God (Father? Jesus? Holy Spirit?)
  • What do we learn about people?

Accountability - Follow up from Sunday, September 6th

  • Based on the invitation/application from two weeks ago, how was it following up and praying for each other during the week?
  • Consider taking some time for testimony from the past two weeks around the lordship of Jesus in new and developing areas of your life.

Imagination Question

  • What do you suppose inspired Matthew to immediately get up and follow Jesus?

Application Question 

  • Is there anything hindering you from following Jesus right now? (Shame, insecurity, stability, sin, etc.)
  • Are there others around you during your weeks that may be impacted by your visible response/lifestyle of saying “yes” to following Jesus in ALL of life? (Matthew 9:10)

Communion (10 min)

  • Ask each person/household to prepare elements ahead of time - give them a few days heads up if possible
  • Read short passage - 1 Corinthians 11:23-26
  • Lead them in receiving the elements
  • Consider singing or reciting the doxology together (acapella)

Lord’s Prayer Together (2 min)

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