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Common Rule

February 21, 2021 - Peter Goes to Cornelius (Acts 10)


Eat Together (30 min) Please practice current safety measures if gathering in-person, seeking to enjoy the devotion of sharing a meal.  Consider how to safely eat together (try to have each family bring food for their household, etc.).

Worship & Prayer (20 min)
“Worship is the acknowledgment of, agreement with, and yielding to lordship, wholeheartedly offering attention and affection to ascribe worth.”
Follow this LINK for this week’s Worship Resource that also has practical instructions on how to worship together on Zoom.

  • YouTube Playlist
    • This playlist includes one song for communal singing and one instrumental song for contemplation/meditation.

Psalm 29 for Lectio Divina

We are going to pause for 2 minutes to consider how we will give this week.  For those that call Navah home, this is a time for you to give right now or review your giving to all God does in and through Navah.  During this time, also listen and ask the Spirit if there is a need/person He wants you to bless.  Let’s wait in silence for 2 minutes now. Give Online.


  • Navah Church family has been partnering with this school, through CARING for KIDS, to encourage the staff and assist where they can in this school year, especially as they manage the challenges of covid.  The teaching has been online.  Thank you to all who have encouraged the staff of this school through your emails, letters, cards and gift cards over the past months.
  • The school is planning to bring 3 and 4 year olds back into the school now, but this has been delayed by the snow and cold.   Planning has been very difficult this past 12 months.
  • Thank you also to the six Navah women who went on zoom for a fun Popcorn & Pajama Read-aloud evening on February 11th.   The students, parents and staff greatly appreciated you, your books and stories!
  • Navah will also supply some snacks for teachers during the zoom parent-teacher conferences next week.

    Navah has exciting new rhythms of scripture reading and prayer together.  These are the initial steps of a common practice, receiving the richness of formation in the Word of God and time with him.  The reading plan and weekly Prayer Resource is underway!  Print off a paper copy of the Navah website and join in:
  • Navah 2021 Bible Reading Plan
  • Navah Family Common Rule Prayer Guide - Feb 2021

    Kids (time varies)
    Consider how you integrate these kids’ resources from Navah Kids.  Each home church will do this differently depending on the number and age of the children participating.  Remember to include your kids as much as possible and have fun!  You can access the resource HERE.

    Care (20 min)
  • Hi/Lo or Good News Stories
  • Invite each person to share a brief Hi/Lo (gratitude and prayer need)
  • Consider having the next person who shares pray a short blessing over the previous person who has shared.


Commentary and DBS Questions - Acts 10: Peter and Cornelius
     The book of Acts stands as an incredible overview of the work of God in establishing His long-dreamed-for home, the Church.  The Holy Spirit, as promised by the Father and the Son, wasted no time transforming hearts and homes, working through everyday, ordinary people, who had reordered their lives around the way of Jesus. The Jewish people, through the incredible ministry of the disciples, saw the work of Jesus changing everything; Israel was now receiving the Promise of God found in the scriptures; forgiveness and restoration. 
     However, this new found joy in family and fellowship, was being hoarded; celebrated, but not shared.  All through the Old Testament, the Father made His heart known, not for Israel only, but for the Gentiles.  The entire world would be invited to experiencing the goodness of God.  The promise given to Abraham long ago was still at the heart of God’s mission…God’s family, through Abraham, would be more numerous than could be imagined (Genesis 12 and 15).  Simply put, Jew and Gentile alike would be sought after and welcomed by the Lord, brought near through the Cross of Jesus. 
     In Acts 10, the Lord provokes His friend Peter in a vision, challenging his understanding of the plans of God, and then gives him the opportunity to share with “others” the fellowship found in Jesus Christ.  For a Jew to engage a Gentile, even going into his house, was a no no.  But isn’t it just like Jesus to break down the walls that separate us, so that no one is lost or left behind? (Ephesians 2:14-22).  Peter went to the house of Cornelius, a culturally unclean, racially different, and spiritually confused Gentile, only to find the same hunger for the Lord and His ways that the Jews had touted through the generations.  And in no time at all, the Holy Spirit came and transformed the lives of everyone present; the gift promised to the Jews now poured out generously on the Gentiles. 


  • What do we learn about God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)?
  • What do we learn about people?
  • From the text, is there a sin to repent of, a promise to hold onto, an example to follow, or a command to obey?

Application and Additional questions

  • Where do we feel challenged (or even afraid) to go to, or perhaps invite, those that are different from us into our lives and rhythms?
  • Is there anywhere you see God inviting you to be with “the others”, those different from you? (culturally, racially, economically, spiritually, etc)
  • Is there a story amongst the community to share of a time God sent you to someone different to bring the Gospel (in word or in deed)?
  • Has there been a time in your life that you felt excluded from the goodness of God, and His church? How did that change?

    Prayer: Spend some time in prayer for each other, asking the Holy Spirit to open our hearts, our eyes, and our ears to those He is inviting us to.

Video - The Book of Acts Chapters 8-12

Communion (10 min)

  • Ask each person/household to prepare elements ahead of time - give them a few days heads up if possible.
  • Read short passage - 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.
  • Lead them in receiving the elements.
  • Consider singing or reciting the doxology together (acapella).
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