Navah Kids

We believe that kids are an important and powerful part of the family of God.

We love kids and strive to include them in all aspects of Navah family life including Sunday gatherings, Missional Communities, worship and prayer.  

Navah Kids Culture

Prayerful: We are  Daddy God’s beloved children, enjoying His love and presence always.

Family: It’s always Father, Spirit, Son and us. We are at home in God and God is at home in us. 

Mission: We live in awestruck wonder of Jesus leading us to wonder-filled mission with our family.


Sunday Gatherings

When you come to a gathering at Navah Church KC on a Sunday morning, you will be greeted and welcomed. The Navah Kids registration table is on the first floor in the lobby. You can register your children there, after which you will be assigned to their "color group." 

  • Orange Group: 2-3 year olds
  • Green Group: 4-6 year olds 
  • Purple Group: 7-12 year olds

*We split the Purple Group into smaller age-appropriate groups (blue and red), as needed.

Navah Kids meet upstairs on the second floor following worship to rest, receive, play, create, share and celebrate in God’s presence. Children ages 2-12 have a joint time of Spirit-led worship, teaching and prayer.  From there kids move into smaller, age-appropriate classes where we further unfold the teaching through activities, creative expression and play.

Worship at Sunday Gatherings

We welcome and include all of our kids to join with their families in corporate worship and prayer for the first part of each Sunday gathering. After the worship time, children will be dismissed and can be escorted* by a parent up to the second floor, where they will join the other kids in their color group.

Note: Children are to be signed in and signed out by the same parent/caretaker.


We see the home as the primary environment that children learn to pray. It’s our goal to encourage and equip our parents to model and create a home-based prayer culture. Our prayer room and corporate rhythms of prayer can be very helpful in serving both our families and missional communities in their relationship with Jesus. We encourage you to sign up for a prayer slot during our next prayer week, or to join us for one of during our monthly Presence Night.

Missional Communities

As each Missional Community has a slightly different demographic and mission, these groups vary in what they offer children. However, in all of our MC's, we value the beautiful and important part that kids play in our community and mission. At home and in MC's we equip our kids to follow Jesus in everyday life, as part of a prayerful family on mission.

We are excited to get to know your kids and to minister to them and be ministered to by them.  Visit our Team page to learn more about our Navah Kids team.

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